Poetry is Not a Luxury by Audre Lorde: Reading and Meditation

May 28, 2020  • Lori Severens

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Poetry is Not a Luxury, Audre Lorde


As someone who loves to paint, I am fascinated by light. I love to watch the soft, rosy light in the early morning sky as it transforms the world around me and the cool, mysterious light of a spring moon. I am less interested in the bright mid-day sun with its unforgiving shadows.

Audre Lorde writes about a different type of light, the light with which we scrutinize our lives. What is the quality of light you use to consider your days? What is your source of illumination?

A conversation with a longtime friend, time alone to reflect, music, a walk in the woods…?

An artist eventually stops just looking and starts painting. What fears must you shed to move to action? What holds you back from using your voice?

Lori Severens, Takoma Park, Maryland

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