RAISEup Texas

January 19, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

RAISEup Texas (Research-Validated Approach to Instruction for Secondary Excellence in Texas) is a compelling opportunity to profoundly change how middle schools students learn and meet high standards for college- and career-readiness.

Extensive review of objective data indicates two key conditions that limit college readiness:

1.Core instructional practices insufficient to meet rigorous 21st century needs

2.Lack of integrated, tiered, response to intervention to tailor classroom teaching to each student’s unique learning challenges and gifts

Based on these challenges, RAISEup Texas focuses on transforming and personalizing the middle school experience by enhancing teaching and learning across all content areas and providing integrated tiered intervention for struggling students. The need to do both well led to the research-validated framework developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning: Strategic Instruction Model Content Literacy Continuum (SIM/CLC). SIM/CLC greatly strengthens classroom rigor and enables students to take charge of their learning. Whole-school reform will include extensive professional development, certified coaching, and implementation of integrated SIM/CLC instructional models for every teacher in every subject.

Even without federal funding, the collaborative RAISEup Texas partnership agreed to proceed with a demonstration school model, and has already raised $2M in private funding. By implementing region-wide in 6 school districts, we will build uniquely collaborative learning communities to replicate the model, create efficiencies of scale, and develop the infrastructure to sustain change long term. RAISEup Texas provides a research-validated and scalable model for raising student achievement, not just in Central Texas, but state- and nation-wide.

To learn more, contact Susan Dawson.