Sandstone: A Serious Games Platform

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Sandstone was built from the ground up for the deployment of Serious Games. Sandstone delivers games in the web browser, as a web-based game service. Games can be assigned, played, and assessed from any web-connected PC or Mac, and the service automatically keeps everything up to date and compatible. No cumbersome CD installations and IT headaches. Unlike Flash3D or Shockwave, Sandstone runs a true hardware-accelerated 3D engine within the browser, via Sandstone’s small plugin. This means 3D performance can be as fast as commercial 3D games. Player’s actions and decisions are tracked and recorded online, which means games can provide adaptive feedback based on player performance, and teachers can easily assess student progress and respond to student needs. Teachers can also customize and modify games and game content — also from any web browser.

To learn more, contact David Martz.