School Town

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

SchoolTown is promoting K12 education system change with student centered active learning as the key focus. We help K12 become efficient and effective both operationally and financially.

School Town helps school districts and agencies leverage work, save money, improve teaching and student performance. The SchoolTown platform is easy to use and engaging for teachers and students. The platform improves staff development initiatives, teaching students, and parent communications.

Professional Development: Transform districts into a thriving professional learning community fostering cooperation, support, and a synergy of efforts. The collaborative tools and content exchange leverages master teachers to share best practices. Teachers build relationships despite working in different buildings.

Teaching Students: Each teacher can build a blended learning site to engage students with collaborative tools and deliver curriculum. Teachers are empowered to personalize their site, mentor students, and differentiate learning resources for students by skill level or learning style. We offer robust administration controls for the central office to manage operations.

Business Model: School Town is a SaaS business with annual or multi-year subscriptions to the K12 market and ecosystem. We recently started a freemium model so teachers can register for free limited use.

Sales Strategy: Our customers and partners endorse and introduce us to their customers. We’re focused on states, large school districts, and partnerships. We also exhibit at industry trade shows and participate in association groups such as EdNet, AEP, ERDI and SETDA. We won an EdNet 2010 rookie of year and AEP best learning platform.

To learn more, contact Michael Kritman.