Climate Change

Seeing Solutions at Aspen Ideas: Climate

March 20, 2024  • John Peabody

Gather a group of people passionate about addressing climate change, and pretty quickly, you’ll get excited hearing about new solutions and ways of thinking about addressing our climate situation. Gather hundreds or even thousands together, and that excitement turns to real optimism. At Aspen Ideas: Climate in Miami, we got a peek at some of the innovations that will help shape our climate future and the amazing people driving it forward. It’s these kinds of efforts and brilliant minds developing new technologies, policies, and ways of thinking about seemingly daunting challenges that made us feel very climate-optimistic in Florida.

You can watch a few of the solution-focused panels and events in Miami below.

Climate Solutions Showcase

The Climate Solutions Showcase during Day 2 highlighted a diverse set of early-stage entrepreneurs sharing their climate solutions. Want to see the future of climate tech and climate solutions? Check out these fast-paced pitches. 

Big Challenges, Bigger Ideas: New Frontiers in Climate Tech

How can artificial intelligence supercharge climate solutions?  What about storing clean energy when the sun isn’t shining? Experts from Google, Antora Energy, and Project InnerSpace bring us to the frontiers of climate technology in this discussion.

Keeping It Cool: Solutions for Extreme Heat

In 2023, Miami experienced its worst heat wave on record, with temperatures breaking 100 degrees for 46 consecutive days. Humans need safe spaces during life-threatening temperatures. In this session our panel discussed real challenges and solutions for cooling homes, buildings, and public spaces, using Miami-Dade County as an example of a much broader problem.

Growing Stronger: Advancements in Climate-Smart Foods on Land and Sea

New climate challenges mean new ways of thinking about our food supply. During this panel, experts shed a light on some of the solutions that promise to cut agricultural emissions, reduce water use, improve environmental resiliency, and promote food security.

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Photos by Daniel Bayer.