Sesame in Schools

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Sesame in Schools is designed to support young children’s learning and healthy development utilizing Sesame Street’s research-based content and a “”whole-child”” curriculum that emphasizes home engagement, as well as ongoing data-driven practice and professional development to support instruction. Sesame Street’s unique multimedia assets, embedded in a comprehensive curriculum that links families with the classroom, will provide a new model with the potential to transform the quality of preschool for underserved communities. By bridging formal and informal learning, Sesame in Schools will create a powerful link between students, parents, and teachers. This initiative is designed to drive dramatic increases in early education outcomes by modernizing high-quality early education and parent support across the United States.

The project will utilize an innovative and comprehensive digitally-enabled data system that allows for comprehensive assessment and multilevel monitoring. Preschool educators will receive robust professional development in using accessible content and tools to maximize children’s achievement. The program will be designed to enhance and reinforce existing curriculum programs through digital lessons utilizing various media assets throughout a child’s day (and in home settings), including video clips, e-books, interactive whiteboard lessons, and interactive software.

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