Spiral Universe, Inc.

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Spiral is a cloud-based education management and information platform. We are the first company to bring an integrated SAAS solution to the global education industry. We provide a platform with hundreds of tools for school administrators, teachers, students and parents. Our software, which is available in 15 languages, runs through a state-of-the-art “web-top” and is already being used in 115 countries, by schools, colleges, and educational institutions of all types.

Since we believe that all schools regardless of their means and geographic location should have access to the best software, we offer the basic version of our system free, this has helped drive its fast adoption worldwide, and we charge for premium features and enhanced support. Work is underway on an API that will connect vendors and services providers with schools and their communities through Spiral. Longer term, the transaction fees and commissions from vendors and services provided through our platform will be a major source of revenue.

We currently have more opportunities than we can handle, and are overwhelmed with demand. We are now looking for more capital to fund this growth, expedite the roll-out of revenue generating features and services, and strengthen our sales and engineering teams.

To learn more, contact Reuben Kerben.