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April 13, 2023  • Aspen Digital

Aspen Digital’s “The Kids Are Online” Project

A tablet screen depicts a sample page from “The Kids Are Online” website. Below the tablet reads, “This is a fictional story used for representational purposes only.” On the screen reads the headline, “Maine-based Nonprofit Builds Computer Labs & Donates Thousands of Computers.” An illustration besides the headline depicts a parent and child sitting on a couch looking at a laptop computer together. The lower portion of the screen has a box that defines the “Problem,” “Provide computers to low-income families and combat digital illiteracy with coding classes.” It also defines the “Solution,” "Collect and refurbish computers to donate to underserved communities in the U.S., and provide digital literacy classes to young people.”

Do you have a story of how a community has tackled the digital divide among young people in America? Share it now. 

We’re collecting stories of change from local governments, nonprofits, companies, libraries, and schools across America, from small towns to large cities, in rural and urban settings. These stories demonstrate what’s possible when we get young people connected and train them to thrive in a digital world.

We’d like to hear about your work and potentially feature it on our new website, The Kids Are OnlineSubmit your story below. 

Aspen Digital is helping communities get young people across the U.S. connected to the digital economy, with dignity.

We’re building a new platform to share real-life examples of how to improve access to technology and the internet – and the skills to use them – for youth in this country. The goal is to help communities find approaches that fit their needs to then adapt for themselves.

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