Tech Trends in Worker Financial Security

May 23, 2023  • B Cavello & Aspen Digital

The growing compilation of data across all aspects of life is shifting both opportunities and risks for workers.

We now have better information on workers’ needs. This enables tailored benefit offerings, greater interoperability between service providers, and more avenues for workers to make use of what’s available to them.

Yet, as data on workers gathers into richer digital profiles and identities, the potential for harm increases.

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In this context, Aspen Digital hosted a series of workshops in early 2023. They focused on the impacts of introducing tech tools into the services and products that employers offer workers to support their financial wellness – both today and in the decade to come.

These conversations brought together leaders in worker financial security, employer-offered services, and labor relations to discuss tech trends, potential opportunities, and needed alignments. The result is this guide, along with key questions, to help employers navigate how to decide when and if to adopt new technologies to support their workers’ financial security, with an eye toward ethics and privacy.

Are you an HR professional in a hurry?

Human Resource (HR) professionals are facing unchartered territory as emerging technologies advance into their field. Artificial intelligence (AI) alone is consuming billions of investment dollars, while new mechanisms for both generating and collecting data increase.

We’ve developed a resource to help HR teams navigate the researching, interviewing, and implementation of new services, with an eye toward improving the financial lives of the workers they represent.

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B is a technology and facilitation expert who is passionate about creating social change by empowering everyone to participate in technological and social governance. B is the Director of Emerging Technologies at the Aspen Institute.