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The 2023 United Nations General Assembly: Ensuring a Representative Agenda for Africa and its Diaspora

September 22, 2023  • Aspen Global Innovators Group

As the United Nations General Assembly convenes from September to December, there is much to discuss — from pandemic preparedness to climate change, hunger, and more. But New Voices fellows Ifeanyi Nsofor, Nigerian public health physician and Esther Ngumbi, Kenyan entomologist, chemical ecologist, and researcher shared with NPR that there are other pressing issues across Africa that deserve a spot on the agenda, too.

Among the topics that global leaders might take a moment to consider: 

  • Making remittances work better for Africans,
  • Neglected tropical diseases,
  • Inclusive AI with a focus on health, and 
  • The provision of local nutritious food to sustainably address childhood malnutrition.

Read their full NPR commentary, Dear U.N.: Could you add these 4 overlooked items to the General Assembly agenda?, here.