Aspen Global Innovators Group

The Aspen Global Innovators Group widens access to health and prosperity for people living at the world’s margins. Our network of innovators brings overlooked challenges into plain sight, then creates programs, policies and partnerships to address them. Breakthrough programs include: New Voices Fellowship, which brings expert voices from emerging countries into the global development discussion; AMP Health, which works with health leaders in under-resourced countries advancing to the last mile; the Artisan Alliance, supporting the world’s most untapped start-up economy; Aspen Ideas: Health, a premier creative forum on health at the Aspen Ideas Festival; the Aspen Ideas Incubator, which brings together the best minds in global and community health to address solutions at the last mile; the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls, celebrating the next generation of conversations, leaders, and solutions; and the Bridge Podcast, a dialogue between women across generations and geographies.

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For more information, please contact us at [email protected].