International Development

Decolonising Development in South Asia

September 22, 2022  • Aspen Global Innovators Group

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The New Voices Fellowship works to equip experts and advocates from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America with skills to change public policy and shift public policy. Around 200 people have gone through our program and now comprise a vibrant fellow community.

This ebook project was led by our fellow and Red Dot Foundation Founder/CEO ElsaMarie D’Silva and includes essays from five New Voices Fellows from South Asia.

Each essay addresses the significance of the de-colonial discourse in the Asian context, focusing on a particular topic, like health, gender, and peace. The compendium applies a practitioner’s lens to answering the question of how to interrogate and “decolonise” how we “see” and “do” development in the Global South, especially in South Asia.