The Armful By Robert Frost: Reading and Meditation

October 28, 2020  • Executive Leadership Seminars Department

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On any given day, I’m carrying too many packages, but rarely are they the same from day to day. Care packages, boxes containing my identity, passions, packages full of my personal, professional, and civic responsibilities, and countless others. To master the balance of a few requires the dropping of others, and I’ve yet to manage the successful carrying of each simultaneously. 

Each day and each moment is a choice – which of your packages take priority? Which require more care in their keeping? Are some packages heavier today? Which packages are you willing to set down to focus on the others? What does it feel like to recognize that you’re not expected to balance them all? 

Brianna Curran, Washington, DC

Wellsprings of Living and Leading
April 15, 2020 •