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The Aspen Seminar on Leadership, Values, and the Good Society

 For almost 60 years, this premier roundtable has challenged leaders in every field to think more critically and deeply. The seminar is a unique opportunity to step away from the demands of the present and reflect with other leaders in moderated, text-based Socratic dialogue on the concept of a good and just society: What is it? How does it become a reality? What is our role in making it happen? The settings in Aspen, Colorado, and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore are ideal for rejuvenation the mind, body, and spirit of participants who emerge personally renewed and professionally refocused.

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Event information
Sat May 3, 2014 - Fri May 9, 2014
12:00am - 12:00am GMT+0000
Aspen Meadows Campus
Aspen, CO, United States