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Aspen Tech Policy Hub COVID Challenge Grant Demo Day: Mapping On- & Off-line Risks in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has posed myriad risks from all directions–from the spread of a dangerous virus to the spread of threatening viral misinformation online, understanding how to navigate a pandemic on- and off-line is a challenge. How can we build tools to aid informational understanding and response in pandemic conditions?

Join Aspen Tech Policy Hub Challenge Grantees as they showcase their projects focused on the theme: Mapping On- & Off-line Risks in a Pandemic. Following the presentations of the projects, technologist Rachel Coldicutt gave further remarks. The projects presented were:

1) COVID-19 Data Deficits Dashboard by Tommy Shane and Pedro Noel: First Draft has built a tool to make the world’s credible coverage of coronavirus, such as original reporting and debunks, more useful to journalists and researchers. They have leveraged data science to visualize where existing credible information is flowing globally and where it is not, so that reporters can identify information needs.

2) The CrowdMeter Project by Pietro Michelucci and the Human Computation Institute: CrowdMeter is an app being developed by the Human Computation Institute to help people reduce virus transmission by making informed decisions about where and when to run their errands; for example, someone who wants to buy groceries might be willing to drive an extra mile if that seems like a safer option. The goal is to help achieve a sustainable “new normal” by aligning individual goals with population outcomes.

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Wed Sep 30, 2020
9:00am - 10:00am PDT