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Building Bridges in the Midst of Rising Division

Wondering if America can come together again after the pandemic, racial protests and election? Some folks are already weaving neighbors together across divisions. Join @weavetheppl to talk about #WeavingCommunity on 9/15 with @WeAreUpswell.

Start #WeavingCommunity where you live. Join @WeaveSocialFabric and @WeAreUpswell to talk with Weavers already healing their communities across race, politics and class. Sign up now to join the chat Tue 9/15.

With both the global coronavirus pandemic and the national uprising against systemic racism as our backdrop, division, distrust, disconnection and inequality have come front and center to America’s story. Luckily, even before these parallel pandemics, Weavers across the country have been centering connection, building trust, and prioritizing relationships in their communities.

They’re showing up for their neighbors, stepping in to fill the needs of their community, and leaning in to difference with love and curiosity. During this 90-minute session, you’ll engage in small and large group conversation with Weavers to learn how they’re centering connection amidst rising divisions and reflect on ways you might build bridges in your own communities and workplaces.  (Limited Capacity)

  • Frederick J. Riley, Executive Director, Weave: The Social Fabric Project
  • April Lawson, Director of Debates, Braver Angels
  • Mack McCarter, Founder and Coordinator, Community Renewal
  • Shawn Barney, Managing Director, CLB Porter
Event information
Tue Sep 15, 2020
2:20pm - 4:00pm EDT