Weave: The Social Fabric Project

Weave: The Social Fabric Project aims to build social trust to address the root cultural cause behind many of America’s social problems.

We have a crisis of connection in this country. People feel isolated, unseen and in warring camps. Social distrust and isolation underlie our most pressing problems, from continuing racial and economic injustice to political gridlock, an epidemic of loneliness and rising deaths from suicide and drugs. Distrust keeps us from tackling issues like poverty, homelessness, hunger and climate change. Weave supports the many Americans in every community who are working to create social trust and weave neighbors together to strengthen their communities.

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What is Weaving?

Weaving is a way of life and a state of mind, not a set of actions. It’s about the spirit of caring you bring to each interaction with someone else. It’s a willingness to be open and loving, whether you get anything in return. As humans, we long for honest, deep connection. Weavers make the effort to build those connections and make others feel valued.

  • A weaver views their community as home and tries to make it loving and welcoming
  • A weaver treats neighbors as family regardless of outward differences
  • A weaver finds meaning and joy in connection and caring for others