Weave: The Social Fabric Project

“America is fractured and living a quiet crisis of disconnection. We have lost our trust in each other and our institutions. Divided, we face uncertainty, social turmoil, and political gridlock. Yet, within every community lies an answer.” -David Brooks

Weave: the Social Fabric Project invests in trust and the people who build it.

Social trust is a belief in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of others – a “faith in others” – and data from the Pew Research Center shows we are at an all-time low.

We can invest in education, healthcare, economic opportunity, climate change, racial equity, and other critical issues, but if we don’t rebuild the trust that allows us to see our common humanity and act together, we will make little progress.

Weave addresses the crisis of broken social trust that has left Americans divided along many lines, isolated and unable to address our common needs. 

Trust starts where we live, when people show up for each other and recognize they share more than they differ. It grows in ever-widening arcs as people take on problems together, moving from neighborhood to community, from city to state to nation. The Weave project invests in grassroots leaders who inspire this trust-building cycle. We call them weavers.

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