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Upswell Pop-up #7: What Happens Next?

Nobody knew what today would look like. But we’ve made it past Election Day.

We don’t yet know the full results of the election — but now it’s time to focus on what comes next. While we grapple with continued uncertainty, our opportunity is to stay focused on advancing our missions and strengthening our communities.

Next Tuesday, November 10, Independent Sector invites you to a special Upswell Pop-Up all about the 2020 election.

With a clearer view of the election results, we’ll take a nuanced look at outcomes across the country, analyze their impact, and strategize about how we can help build social trust in our divided nation.

  • Daniel Cardinali, President & CEO, Independent Sector
  • Daniel Weiner, Deputy Director, Election Reform, Brennan Center for Justice
  • David Brooks, Chair, Weave: The Social Fabric Project, The Aspen Institute
  • Frederick Riley, Executive Director, Weave: The Social Fabric Project, The Aspen Institute
  • Lee Rainie, Director, Internet and Technology Research, Pew Research Center
  • Nathan Moore, Public Engagement and COFG Coordinator, Fetzer Institute
  • Shakiyla Smith, Director of Organizational Culture, Fetzer Institute
  • Shayla Nunnally, Professor, Chair of the Africana Studies Program, University of Tennessee
  • Shaylyn Romney Garrett, Co-Author, The Upswing: How America Came Together A Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again
Event information
Tue Nov 10, 2020
1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT