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Weaving in 400 Seconds

We call people who build social trust in their communities “weavers.” Meet three in these lightning talks on January 25 at 6 pm EST, where they tell their stories with 20 slides and just 20 seconds on each.

Dyah Miller (Norwood, OH) is passionate about inclusion of marginalized communities and has worked with refugees, immigrants, people of color, people with diverse abilities. She now supports Norwood Together, a residents-led organization with a mission to grow and build equitable economic and community development. Traci Ruble (Heidelberg, Germany) transforms ordinary public sidewalks into a place of connection by putting chairs out on sidewalks and offering to listen to strangers walking by. Over the years, her Sidewalk Talk movement has allowed strangers to become friends, diverse folks to realize they like each other, and has made a dent in the trauma of “not belonging”. David McCullough III (Jamaica Plain, MA) leads The American Exchange Project, a domestic exchange program that funds high school seniors to spend a week in the summer in an American town that is very different from their own so that students can cultivate friendship and understanding across America’s widest divides.

Wednesday, January 25th at 6:00pm Eastern Time (5:00pm Central Time, 4:00pm Mountain Time, 3:00pm Pacific Time)

Free and virtual on Zoom.

Learn more about Weave: the Social Fabric Project:

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Wed Jan 25, 2023
6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT