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Climate Change

An Exploration into The Dark Hobby: An expose of the devastation to species and reefs caused by the aquarium trade

Understanding and connecting STEAM and social justice to solve community problems is at the core of Our Future Is Science initiatives. In a January 18th, 2023 talk, members of the Dark Hobby Project discuss the anthropocentric impact we have on our coral reefs.

Paula Fouce is an Award-winning Director Producer of The Dark Hobby. Paula Fouce was also vice president and director of KRCA, a Los Angeles TV station, Paradise Filmworks International president, and co-chair of the Southern Asian Art Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

William Haugse is an Oscar- and Emmy-nominated film editor and editorial consultant. William Haugse is also an editorial consultant for award-winning films. Trained at the UCLA film department. 

Kaimi Kaupiko is a Cultural Practitioner, Miloliʻi, Hawaiʻi.

Robert Wintener is a Writer and Executive Producer of The Dark Hobby.

The Community Talk Series is a platform to expose individuals to diverse careers, as well as information, insights, and perspectives on the intersections of STEAM disciplines and social justice issues.

This event is organized by Our Future Is Science, an initiative of the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program.

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Tue Jan 18, 2022
8:00pm - 9:00pm EDT