Science & Society

The world is more polarized than ever. Science—especially when applied to questions about the environment, medical interventions, and new technologies—has become a splinter between people and between communities.

To overcome these divides, the Aspen Institute launched the Science & Society Program in 2019 with seed support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Johnson & Johnson. Housed within the Aspen Institute Health, Medicine and Society Program, Science & Society serves as a laboratory to test ideas and approaches that help explain, connect, and maximize the benefits of science for public good.

The primary audiences for our work are community leaders, science communicators, current and future scientists, and the general public. We leverage the established assets, networks, and platforms of the Aspen Institute to convene and mobilize these groups to build bridges between them.

Led by a core staff of trained scientists, the program is an early responder to emerging trends and is on the pulse of critical issues at the intersection of science and society.

Our accessible and digestible information that combats misinformation enables us to be the go-to program for journalists, current and future scientists, science communicators, policymakers, and the public.

Our efforts are anchored in five core values
  • Integrity: Science is the systematic pursuit of understanding the natural world
  • Ethics: Scientists and the public share responsibility to implement science for the benefit of humanity
  • Hope: Scientific innovation will make the world safer, healthier, and more connected
  • Trust: The rigor of data and evidence leads to confidence in discovery
  • Equity: A diverse and inclusive scientific workforce is essential to solve the world’s complex problems

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