Event Recordings


Open Science and the Case Study of War-Torn Ukraine (December 2023)



Is Rational Belief in Improbable Theories Ever Warranted? (December 2023)



Health Disparities & Health Equity & Social Justice (November 2023)




The Story of Us: The American Museum of Natural History’s Vision for the Future of Science & Society (October 2023)



Let’s Talk about It: Journey to Becoming a Cosmetic Chemist (March 2023)




Advancing STEM: The Intersection of Genetics & Social Justice (February 2023)




Combining Data & Principles of Community Engagement to Achieve Climate Justice (December 2022)



One Health / One Planet – Symposium (June 2022)



Big Data, Tech, & Social Justice (April 2022)



Citizens of the Worlds: What Does Being Multiplanetary Mean for Life Here on Earth? (March 2022)



The Environment and Social Justice (March 2022)



The Scientific Process in the Real World (February 2022)



Building Trust During Scientific Uncertainty: How Do We Better Respond to Outbreaks? (December 2021)


Eureka Stories: The Power of Putting Science Center-Stage (March 2021)



Going Viral: Origin Stories of Passion in the Sciences (February 2021)



Perspectives on Intersections Between Health & Social Justice (January 2022)




An Exploration into The Dark Hobby: An expose of the devastation to species and reefs caused by the aquarium trade (January 2022)




COVID Vaccines: The Latest on Omicron, Boosters, and Immunity (December 2021)



COVID Vaccines: The Latest on Variants and Breakthrough Infections (September 2021)



COVID Vaccines and the Return to Life: The Latest on Kids and Teens (May 2021)


Food Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future (March 2021)



Defeating Vaccine Hesitancy Through Communication (March 2021)



Dousing the Fires of Climate Change Denial (March 2021)



Risks and Dangers of Alternative Medicine (March 2021)



Science Literacy & Popularization: Understanding How Science Works (March 2021)



Building a Dialogue on Evidence & Values: Overcoming Science Denialism (March 2021)



Keynote: Standing Up for Data and Evidence in the Face of Science Denial (March 2021)



Fireside Chat with the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier (December 2020)



The Chemistry of Beauty: The Lore and the Science (November 2020)



Future of Science in America Summit (November 2020)



The Pandemic Science Summit (June 2020)



Confronting Climate Change: Science and Activism to the Rescue (February 2020)



Book Talk with Michael Lubell and Science & Society Program Launch (May 2019)



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