Family Finances

EPIC Housing Affordability Convening

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Mon Sep 23, 2019 - Tue Sep 24, 2019
Wye River Conference
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This closed door, off-the-record EPIC convening on housing affordability and stability will bring together a group of cross-sector experts from affordable and subsidized housing, market-rate housing, landlord/tenant law, asset builders, and others working in housing and financial security.

The group will work to converge on a shared understanding of the drivers of housing unaffordability and instability, the fundamental problems underlying current trends, the populations most disproportionately affected by unaffordability and instability, and identify key stakeholders that can be activated to take action.  EPIC staff will also receive feedback on a draft research primer which will be finalized in Winter 2019 and guide EPIC’s work for the rest of this research cycle.