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Financial Security 2020: A Framework for Recovery and Resilience

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Wed Nov 18, 2020
1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
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During the past five years, the disconnect between the strength of the U.S. economy and the financial security of households has grown.  During 2020, it’s more clear than ever that household financial security is both a pre-requisite and a driver of economic recovery.  If we don’t have resilient households, we cannot achieve recovery.

Financial insecurity is the product of many failing systems across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  And yet, these systems must work together for people and communities to achieve short-term stability and long-term wealth generation.

The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program has, for five years, tracked the challenges that face American households, and we have a vision for what business, government, philanthropic leaders must do for the next five.

Join us on November 18, at 1:00 pm EST for:

  • A synthesis of the macro- and micro-economic trends that households have faced that have led us to today
  • What old models of financial security get wrong – and a new framework to guide a more comprehensive approach
  • A road map for business leaders, policymakers, and philanthropy for the next five years that will address the core economic and policy system failures let down the majority of U.S. households

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Attendees will also receive a copy of the forthcoming report, “The State of Financial Security 2020.”  The report marks the occasion of the Aspen Financial Security Program’s fifth anniversary and offers a vision for leaders across government, business, and philanthropy to understand their role in rebuilding an economy which centers on household financial well-being.


The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program’s fifth anniversary celebration is made possible with support from the Citi Foundation.


Featured Speakers – Full list of speakers to be announced.

  • Wole C. Coaxum, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. (“MoCaFi”)
  • Brandee McHale, Head of Citi Community Investing and Development, President of the Citi Foundation
  • Genevieve Melford, Director of Insights and Evidence, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program 
  • Ida Rademacher, Vice President, Aspen Institute and Executive Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program
  • Claudia Sahm, Founder, Stay-at-Home Macro Consulting and former Federal Reserve economist
  • Joanna Smith-Ramani, Managing Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program 
  • Danielle Kristine ToussiantMorgridge Communicator in ResidenceAscend at Aspen Institute