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tl;dr: What is the future of DEI in tech? A Fireside chat

The Tech Accountability Coalition, currently incubated with Aspen Digital, hosted a fireside chat with Jarvis Sam, CEO and Founder of the Rainbow Disruption, a multi-services DEI firm. Jarvis was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Sports class of 2021, and served as the former Chief DEI Officer at Nike and former head of DEI at Snap Inc. The fireside chat focused on the future of DEI in tech, and holding tech companies accountable to making DEI a business imperative.

The session was moderated by the Tech Accountability Coalition’s Director, Shijuade Kadree, Esq., MPH.

Jarvis Sam's headshot. A person with long, rainbow hair and a goatee wearing a collared shirt, vest, and ripped jeans sits in a chair with their hands clasped together, looking at the camera.    Shijuade Kadree's headshot. A person with their hair pulled back who is wearing earrings and a collared shirt stands sideways with their hands on their hips, smiling at the camera.

Event information
Tue Mar 28, 2023
7:10pm - 8:10pm EDT