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Global Seminar: New Leadership, Globalisation and Personal Elevation

An offering from the Executive Leadership Seminar Department in collaboration with The HKFYG Leadership Institute.

Know Yourself, Shape the Future
The world is your oyster, and it begins with knowing yourself and others.

In collaboration with The Aspen Institute in 2021, the Global Seminar themed “New Leadership, Globalisation and Personal Elevation” is designed to equip Hong Kong’s rising talents aged 25-40, across the public, private and civil society sectors, with higher self-awareness, authenticity as well as decision-making abilities, sharpening their tools in organising and aligning diverse value systems in organisations to prepare for the upcoming social challenges in the post-pandemic era.

Join us at our first-ever virtual Global Seminar, which is organised by The HKFYG Leadership Institute and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, along with over 30 local and global leaders, for an intensive executive leadership programme, extensive networking and partnership building.

Date: 19 March to 28 March 2021
Venue: Online Platforms
Number of Participants: 30
Participation Requirements:

  • 25 to 40-year-old managerial level executives with proficiency in English
  • Strong interest in reaching higher personal or professional goals through meaningful dialogue and networking opportunities
  • Demonstration of change-making and influencing abilities and skills
  • Prior and past collaboration experiences with a variety of stakeholders on projects of importance locally or globally
  • Willingness to tackle challenges facing the industry, community or society

Application Deadline:
Early Bird/ Scholarship -15 February 2021 (Monday)
Regular – 22 February 2021 (Monday)
Click here to apply online.
Before filling in the online application form, please prepare a completed motivation form, a recent headshot portrait of yourself (240 (w) x 300 (h) pixel; min. 300 dpi) and your resume.
If you wish to attend on scholarship, please upload the completed scholarship application form at the online form above for our consideration.

Partial to full scholarships are offered to outstanding candidates to attend the programme. The award of the scholarship shall be based on candidates’ willingness and abilities to contribute to the programme and post programme engagement.

Programme Schedule:
19 March (Fri) DAY 1 Inaugural Session: Global Leadership
20 March (Sat) DAY 2 Session I: The Challenge of Leadership
21 March (Sun) DAY 3 Session II: Leadership in an Age of Globalisation
26 March (Fri) DAY 4 Session III: Global Values and Leadership
27 March (Sat) DAY 5 Closing Session: The Future of Leadership
28 March (Sun) DAY 6 Session IV: Leading with Purpose and Values

Speaker and Networking Event
The Inauguration and Closing Session on Day 1 and Day 5 will be open for public registration. To join the speaker and networking event, please register at here.

For more details, please refer to

Event information
Fri Mar 19, 2021 - Sun Mar 28, 2021