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Job Quality in Practice Webinar – Job Quality in the Age of COVID-19: Strengthening Frontline Management and Supporting Workers

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Global pandemic has us all living in a time of unprecedented uncertainty with respect to our work and well-being. For frontline workers these uncertainties are particularly acute. Organizations that have worked with these vulnerable workers are facing new needs and challenges among both the workers and the companies that they serve. Join us for a conversation with leaders from two organizations that have extensive experience in understanding and meeting the needs of frontline workers while also working with companies on strategies to better support these workers. In this conversation we will discuss strategies for strengthening supervision of frontline workers, a key aspect of job quality and the planned focus of this discussion. But we will put that discussion into the context of how that experience, and other experience supporting low-wage workers and their employers, can be leveraged to respond to the current moment.

This webinar is the fourth in our Job Quality in Practice webinar series. The Job Quality in Practice series is designed to support practitioners across fields – including workforce development, economic development, capital deployment, policy, worker advocacy, and business – to address job quality in their work. Webinars will share actionable tools and approaches, highlight leading practitioners’ work, and create connections across disciplines.

We are grateful to Prudential Financial for its support of our Job Quality in Practice webinar series and our ongoing efforts to advance a job quality field of practice.



Headshot of Emily Dieppa

Emily Dieppa
Workforce Innovations Consultant, PHI

As a workforce innovations consultant in the Midwest, Emily supports leadership and staff working in long-term care settings to create better quality jobs for caregivers and improve the quality and accessibility of care for consumers.

For the past nine years, Emily worked to empower the direct care workforce by creating pathways to economic sustainability and addressing the systemic challenges facing long-term care workers. By creating a home care training center in Detroit, Emily connected incumbent personal care aides to advanced training, higher wages, and an accessible career ladder. She did this work in partnership with diverse stakeholders, including home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, city officials, and labor unions. Emily worked closely with PHI to develop the program’s curriculum and train a multi-disciplinary instructor team.

As chief of staff for a healthcare workforce organization, Emily has extensive experience leading organizational development and culture change during times of transition. Rooted in mission-driven design, she has created and facilitated internal staff development programs and leadership conferences for over 400 healthcare workers to foster both personal and professional growth.

Emily has long been a vocal advocate for quality long-term care. As a current advisory board member for the IMPART Alliance, Emily collaborates with leaders across Michigan to address an ever-growing caregiver shortage and build the necessary infrastructure for a statewide personal care aide training program. She has also worked with Michigan’s Olmstead Coalition, a group of elder and disability rights advocates, to draft policy recommendations for the state’s Medicaid-funded home and community-based services.

Emily is an Economic Opportunity Fellow through the Aspen Institute’s Detroit Workforce Systems Leadership Development Academy and has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Arizona.


Headshot of Katie Lynn-Vecqueray

Katie Lynn-Vecqueray
Customer Success Manager, WorkLife Partnership

It has been Katie’s honor to fill the role of customer success manager for WorkLife Partnership for almost two years. Her role originated from the need to ensure that WorkLife’s employer partners felt their voices were valued and to provide them with a liaison separate from resource navigators. As their account manager, Katie enjoys supporting employers in recognizing and acting on the importance of investing in their team members through a human centered, whole person approach.

Prior to joining the WorkLife Team, Katie has experience working within a variety of industry sectors and in partnership with community organizations in support of workforce initiatives. She has experience as a special education vocational coach for a local school district in addition to serving as a Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act and AARP case manager for Arapahoe County. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and religious studies from the University of Denver.


Headshot of Liddy Romero

Liddy Romero
Managing Director, WorkLab Innovations

Liddy Romero is managing director and a founding member of WorkLab Innovations. She founded the Colorado-based organization, WorkLife Partnership, deploying the “Sustainable Workforce Model,” in 2009. Building on her education, as well as her small business and nonprofit experience, Liddy helps lead the national efforts to make this model accessible and effective throughout the US.

In the past seven years, Liddy has been a catalyst for change in the ways employers invest in their workforces to impact the bottom line and improve employee engagement and worker economic opportunities.

She has 14 years of experience working with government entities, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. Liddy serves as an executive member of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, was an Aspen Institute Sector Skills Academy Marano Fellow, and currently sits on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Community Development Advisory Council.

Liddy received an ROI Certification from the ROI Institute in May 2017. Liddy holds a double Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She lives in Centennial, Colorado, with her spouse and three children.

Liddy is a member of the Job Quality Fellowship Class of 2017-18. To learn more about the Job Quality Fellows, visit as.pn/jobquality.



Maureen Conway

Maureen Conway
Vice President for Policy Programs, The Aspen Institute; Executive Director, Economic Opportunities Program

Maureen Conway serves as Vice President for Policy Programs at the Aspen Institute and as Executive Director of the Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program (EOP). EOP works to expand individuals’ opportunities to connect to quality work, start businesses, and build economic stability that provides the freedom to pursue opportunity. Maureen founded EOP’s Workforce Strategies Initiative and has headed up workforce research at the Aspen Institute since 1999. Maureen also curates a public discussion series at the Aspen Institute, Opportunity in America, which brings together voices from business, labor, policy, human services, media, academia, and others to discuss the challenges experienced by many in today’s labor markets and new ideas for addressing these challenges. In addition, Maureen oversees EOP’s leadership development programs, which connect innovators, both within communities and from across the country, to peers working to help low- and moderate-income Americans access opportunity.


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Webinar: “#JobQuality in the Age of #COVID19: Strengthening Management and Supporting Workers.” Feat Emily Dieppa (@PHInational), Katie Lynn-Vecqueray (@WorkLifePartner), Liddy Romero (@WorkLabInnovate) and @conway_maureen (@AspenWorkforce). 3/31 @ 2pm ET.

For frontline employees, the economic effects of #coronavirus are particularly acute. Hear how organizations like @PHInational, @WorkLifePartner, and @WorkLabInnovate are supporting workers as companies confront new needs and challenges.

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s crucial that we continue advancing #jobquality for vulnerable workers. How can we leverage this moment for good? Hear from experts at @PHInational, @WorkLifePartner, and @WorkLabInnovate.


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Employment and Jobs
Job Quality in Practice: A New Effort to Support Leaders Across Fields to Advance Job Quality
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