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K-12 Education

Inaugural Commission Convening

The National Commission hosted its inaugural meeting in November, 2016 in Washington D.C. The commissioners were joined by their colleagues on the Council of Distinguished Educators, Council of Distinguished Scientists, Youth Commission, Partners Collaborative, and Funders Collaborative as part of a deliberate effort to bridge perspectives and work toward the full integration of SEAD in K-12 education. The meeting kicked off with a panel of students who spoke about the ways that social, emotional, and academic development has impacted their attitudes toward school, their readiness to learn, and their preparation for college, work, and life. The meeting also gave leading researchers in the field an opportunity to brief the Commission team on the emerging scientific evidence that shows that social and emotional development is critical to academic success. Additionally, local school administrators and school leaders shared both the triumphs and challenges they have encountered in SEAD implementation.

Key Takeaways
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Wed Nov 2, 2016 - Thu Nov 3, 2016
Business Roundtable
300 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC