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Free Speech and Religion

Principled Pluralism: Navigating America’s Increasingly Diverse Religious Landscape


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, and American society becomes increasingly diverse, we more frequently come into contact with people who have deeply held religious beliefs that differ from our own. Substantive disagreements between people of different faiths—and between people within the same general faith tradition—exist, and no amount of missionary activity or interfaith dialogue will erase them. How we manage these substantive disagreements will increasingly affect the well-being of our local communities and our nation.

What should interdenominational and interfaith interactions look like, particularly when both sides are deeply committed to their views? How can we, as Americans, positively engage our religious diversity in service of shared ideals and the common good? This moderated panel discussion will present Christian perspectives on the subject with a particular focus on higher education.


Moderator, Joseph DeMott, Project Manager, Justice & Society Program, Aspen Institute

Event information
Thu Apr 24, 2014
7:30pm - 9:00pm GMT+0000
Calvin College
Covenant Performing Arts Center
Grand Rapids, MI, United States