Justice and Society Program

breyer_oconnor_chertoffFor over four decades, the Justice and Society Program (JSP) has convened individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss the meaning of justice and how a just society ought to balance fundamental rights with the exigencies of public policy, in order to meet contemporary social challenges and strengthen the rule of law. The annual Justice and Society Seminar, held in Aspen and co-founded by the late Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun, continues to be led by preeminent judges and law professors.


We’re excited to share our latest report from our Inclusive America Project“Pluralism in Peril: Challenges to an American Ideal.” The report explores how our nation can maintain its historical commitment to embracing people of all faith backgrounds against a backdrop of polarization. Pluralism in Peril offers guidance to community and interfaith leaders, youth-serving organizations, philanthropists, and state and local officials on specific action steps to build a more resilient, trust-based environment that fully incorporates American religious minorities. It also includes effective tools and strategies to defenders of this core American value. Essays explore ways to increase basic religious literacy, promote allyship and community resilience, and build bridges between youth of different faith traditions. The report can be found here and more information about our religious pluralism work and the Inclusive America Project can be found here.