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Results Based Financing Workshop

Senegal’s Department of Health and Prevention (MSP) and key health sector stakeholders finalized a results-based financing (RBF) pilot plan last week. RBF is a performance management tool that compensates health service providers for rendering high quality services and attaining certain outcomes. The MSP is experimenting with RBF as its Health Development Plan 2009-2018 strives to establish a culture of performance and fairness in the system to motivate health workers and develop a sense of responsibility.

Senegal’s pursuit of RBF grew out of MLI-supported technical work on equitable resource allocation and the 2009 study visit to Rwanda. By the end of the most recent workshop, all stakeholders agreed with the concept of RBF, how the pilot would be implemented in three districts, and identified how development partners could support this effort. Participants unanimously agreed, “When someone does good work, he or she deserves motivation and when someone does not do good work, he or she should not receive anything.”

If successful, RBF can be a powerful tool for the MSP to manage performance and ensure conformity between the budget and health sector priorities in a gradual and sustainable way.

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Wed Feb 2, 2011 - Fri Feb 4, 2011
Washington, DC, United States