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7 Billion: The Revolution We Need in Food Security and Population

The second global food crisis in three years is upon us – with bad weather, poor harvests and political turmoil sending food prices soaring to all-time highs. At the same time, the planet’s population is set to surpass seven billion this year, with most of the growth occurring in countries least equipped to meet the rising demands on agriculture and the environment. Experts predict that global food production must increase by 70 percent by mid-century to keep pace with current rates of growth. Join experts and policymakers for a discussion on these trends and the policies and programs needed to create lasting development and food security, including meeting the reproductive health needs of the growing world population.


Congressman Dan Glickman, Executive Director of the Congressional Program at The Aspen Institute; Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; former U.S. Member of Congress

Dennis Dimick, Executive Editor, National Geographic Magazine

Roger-Mark De Souza, Vice President of Research and Director of the Climate Program, Population Action International

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This roundtable is part of Aspen Global Health and Development (GHD)’s series 7 Billion: Conversations That Matter.


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