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Long-Term Capitalism

2017 Workshop: The Art of the Corporate-Investor ESG Conversation

Over the past decade, numerous new ESG metrics and disclosure standards have helped companies and investors better understand the relationship between ESG performance and long-term value. Still, significant risks and opportunities embedded in companies’ environmental, social and governance practices are not fully taken into account in investment decisions. Moreover, some corporate representatives and investors express frustration with the conversations that happen (or don’t) around ESG related issues.

A small number of ESG experts – select investors, senior sustainability and corporate responsibility strategists, and others – were invited to take stock of where we are now and explore how we can improve ESG-related conversations that take place both inside companies and between the companies and the market. You can view the agenda for the 2017 ESG workshop here.

Information on the 2018 “Art of the Corporate-Investor ESG Conversation” workshop can be accessed here.

Event information
Tue Dec 12, 2017 - Wed Dec 13, 2017
Morgan Stanley, New York