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Long-Term Capitalism

2018 Workshop: The Art of the Corporate-Investor ESG Conversation

There is a sea change underway in ESG.  Investing with ESG factors in mind is no longer a ‘niche’ strategy. As the evolution accelerates, new realities are informing the ESG conversation. Organizations are mobilizing inside and outside the company to drive purpose-driven change deeper into their operations. And as the volume of investor interest grows, so too does the desire for information and new sources of data.

In this workshop, we have invited a small number of ESG experts – select investors, senior sustainability and corporate responsibility strategists, and others – to take stock of where this frenzy of interest is taking ESG and explore how we can improve ESG related conversations both inside companies and between the companies and the market. To read a draft of the agenda please click here.

This event is invitation-only.

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Tue Dec 11, 2018 - Wed Dec 12, 2018
PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York