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The Business Case for Trustworthy AI

Ethical considerations around the impact of AI systems on society are rapidly shifting from guiding principles to practical application. Specifically, AI governance models are ripe for implementation. What are the premiere prototypes of AI governance models? How can organizations evaluate the best model for their business? What regulatory mechanisms should organizations be aware of as they wade into emerging technologies? How can and should leaders prepare their organizations to navigate the complexities of issues such as corporate surveillance and data management?

Aspen Digital, in collaboration with Deloitte AI Institute, are pleased to present this series of dialogues exploring the next phase of AI governance models in action. The meeting will bring together leaders from business, academia, government, and civil society focused on the idea of an “AI-fueled” organization and surface insights on how leaders must shift mindsets and resources to prepare for the future.

Series is by invitation-only.

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Wed Dec 1, 2021 - Thu Jan 27, 2022