2019 Impact Report & 2018 Annual Report: Giving Thanks
  • As the Aspen Institute approaches commemorating our 70th year with a renewed commitment to ideas, leadership, and action, we are deeply grateful to our community of supporters. Philanthropy enables the Institute to invest in transformational ideas to meet the urgent challenges of the future. Trustees, Society of Fellows, Paepcke and Heritage Society members, and other close friends of the Aspen Institute believe and stand behind our mission. Their extraordinary dedication brings our mission to life, creating a lasting legacy of partnership that elevates our work across policy, leadership, and public engagement programs.

    Thanks to our friends and supporters, the Aspen Institute will expand its reach and impact in America and the world for decades to come. I invite you to continue to join us in our mission by supporting the Institute in a personally meaningful way.

    Eric L. Motley, Ph.D.
    Executive Vice President & Corporate Secretary

    $1,000,000 or more

    Steve Ballmer
    Jacklyn G. and Miguel A. Bezos
    The Budinger Family and The Rodel Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Lauder
    David M. Rubenstein
    Bren and Melvin Simon Charitable Foundation


    $500,000 or more

    Mercedes T. Bass
    Penny and James G. Coulter
    Paula and James S. Crown
    Renee and Lester Crown
    Jane and Michael D. Eisner
    Jessica M. and John B. Fullerton
    Eileen and Craig Newmark
    Margot and Tom Pritzker
    Gillian and Robert K. Steel
    Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund


    $100,000 or more

    Robert J. Abernethy
    Amy and David Abrams
    Mary H. and Paul F. Anderson
    John Arnold
    Amy Margerum Berg and Gilchrist B. Berg
    Susan and Richard S. Braddock
    Howard Cox
    Bonnie and Kenneth L. Davis, M.D.
    Ann B. and Thomas L. Friedman
    Marilyn G. and Michael J. Glosserman
    Jane Harman
    Woody and Gayle Hunt
    Melony and Adam J. Lewis
    The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation
    Diane L. Morris
    Clare Munana, Blue Foundation
    Gina and Jerry Murdock
    Dionne and Francis Najafi
    Jane and Marc B. Nathanson
    Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson
    Todd Park
    Carrie Walton Penner and Greg Penner
    Charlotte Perret
    David McCormick and Dina Powell
    Lynda R. and Stewart Resnick
    Mary A. and James t E. Rogers
    Ricardo Salinas/Grupo Salinas
    Ali and Lewis A. Sanders
    Tom Secunda
    Carole B. and Gordon Segal
    Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
    Siegel Family Endowment
    Michelle Smith and the Robert H. Smith
    Family Foundation
    JaneJie Sun
    Steve Tisch
    Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
    Nancy Wall and Chuck Wall


    $50,000 OR MORE

    Karen Heim-Amadon and Greg Amadon
    Shay Bahramirad
    Skip G. Battle
    Sallie and Thomas Bernard
    Giancarla and Luciano Berti
    Vanisha and Amit Bhatia
    Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman
    Christy and Daryl R. Burton
    Rebecca and Troy Carter
    Kim and Rob Coretz
    Patricia A. Crown
    Nancy C. and A. Steven Crown
    Justin Douglas
    Ann H. and L. John Doerr
    Sandra and Paul Edgerley
    ldit and Moti Ferder
    Sarah Friar
    Sheila and David Fuente
    Nancy Swift Furlotti
    Alma and Joseph B. Gildenhorn
    Andrea and Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds
    Sabrina and Antonio Gracias
    Stacy E. Grant
    Hanover Family
    Jacque and George Hinman
    Sharon and Lawrence D. Hite
    Ranji Nagaswami and Robert Hopkins
    Cathy and Walter Isaacson
    Sonia and Gaurav Kapadia
    Manisha and Roy Kapani
    Sarah and Mark Kimsey
    Ann M. and Tom C. Korologos
    Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel and John H. Krehbiel, Jr.
    Susan Crown and William Kunkler
    Laura and Gary M. Lauder
    Toby D. Lewis
    Sharon Handler Loeb and John L. Loeb Jr.
    Salma Rachid and Amin El Maghraby
    Marlene and Frederic V. Malek
    William E. Mayer
    James S. McDonnell III
    Katie Courie and John Molner
    Elisabeth and Karlheinz Muhr
    Linda McCausland and Peter Nicklin
    Veronika Reinhold and Javier Olivan
    Margaret and Andrew M. Paul
    Susan Taylor and Robert Pew III
    Anne N. and J. Christopher Reyes
    Robert E. Rubin
    Perri Peltz and Eric Ruttenberg
    Leslie Saiontz
    Vickit and Roger Sant
    Tishman Speyer
    Melani and S. Robson Walton
    Sarah Arison and Thomas Wilhelm
    Alison and Boniface Zaino


    $25,000 OR MORE

    Madeleine K. Albright
    Judy H. Angelo
    Lisa and Jeffrey Aronin
    Michaela and Zdenek Bakala
    Donna and Jim Barksdale
    Grace and Morton Bender
    Merilee and Roy J. Bostock – Bostock Family Foundation
    Bunni and Paul Copaken
    Jane P. and William H. Donaldson
    Thelma Duggin
    EI-Hibri Foundation
    Gail and Richardt Elden
    Laura and L. Brooks Entwistle
    Samia and A. Huda Farouki
    Meg and Bennett Goodman
    Carol Prendergast and Andrew Greenberg
    Sheila P. and Patrick W. Gross
    Arjun Gupta
    Diane and Bruce Halle
    Alix Mattingly and Alan Harter
    Barbara and Gerald D. Hines
    Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp
    Francis Hoffman
    Tung Hoi
    Annie and Gerald D. Hosier
    Ann F. and Edward R. Hudson, Jr.
    Soledad and Robert J. Hurst
    Suzanne Bober and Stephen Kahn
    Joan I. Fabry and Michael R. Klein
    Sarah and James M. Manyika
    Craig Martin
    Richard Maxfield
    John L. McDonnell, Esq.
    Bonnie P. and Tom D. McCloskey, Jr.
    Bruce McEver
    Janet and Thomas McKinley
    Emily Gold Mears
    Flo Fulton-Miller and Scott D. Miller
    Jennifer and David Millstone
    David Newberger
    Helen and Wally Obermeyer
    Anne and Arnold Porath
    Ilona Nemeth and Alan Quasha
    Susan Boeing and Christopher Redlich
    Robert Rosenkranz and Alexandra
    Munroe, The Rosenkranz Foundation
    Gina and Sam Shapiro
    Tina and Albert H. Small, Jr.
    Shirley and Albert H. Small
    Deanie and Jay Stein
    Sue and Aziz D. Syriani
    Marie and Andy Unanue
    Linda and Dennis H. Vaughn
    Alexia and Roderick K. von Lipsey
    Alice L. Walton
    Beatrice and Anthony Welters
    Annelise P. and David Winter
    Mary and Harold Zlot


    $10,000 OR MORE

    Oded Aboodi
    Susannah and James Adelson
    Gayle and Michael Ahearn
    Lisa Arpey
    Ricky Arriola
    Doris and Laurence Ash kin
    Gail and Jeffrey Bayer
    Ronit and William Berkman
    Jill and Jay Bernstein
    Wilma and Stuart Bernstein
    Ganesh Betanabhatla
    Sandie and Archer Bishop – The Bishop Family Foundation
    Steve Black
    Rebecca Donelson and Robert C. Blattberg
    Amy Morgan and Gary Block
    Boyden Gray Associates
    Sheraton Kalouria and Gary Bradhering
    Jo and Bill Brandt
    Sue Doran and Drew Brasher
    Gundula Brattke
    Deborah and Gabriel Brener
    Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg and Arturo Brillembourg
    Susan and Robert Emmet Brown, Jr.
    Bill Brown
    Glenn Martin Bucksbaum
    Aviva and Martin Budd
    C. E. and S. Foundation
    Andrew Cader
    Susan J. and Jeff Campbell
    Marion A. Cameron
    Nancy P. and Clint Carlson
    Ruth Carver
    Kristina and William H. Catto
    Wanwimol Siriwatwechakul and Chuck Chai
    Children’s Health
    Janet F. Clark, Janet F Clark Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation
    Suzanne and Robert Cochran
    Patty Alper and David I. Cohn
    Suzanne Cole Koh Iberg
    Phyllis and David Z. Cook
    Suzi and David Cardish
    Leslie Corwin
    Jane R. and Marshall C. Crouch III
    Sylvie and Gary T. Crum
    Margaret Culver
    Mary Lou and John Dasburg
    Elissa and Gary Davis
    Catherine and Jerome H. Debs II
    Elizabeth Beaman and Scott M. Delman
    Melinda and Scott A. Delmonico
    Elaine and Claiborne Deming
    Jan and Neal Dempsey
    Claire Dewar
    Dee and David Dillon
    Jac9ueline Weld Drake
    Rodman Drake
    Lauren K. and John P. Driscoll
    Elizabeth Dubin
    Maja and Nicholas DuBrul
    Tristan Duncan
    Chris Durovich
    Lisa and Ralph Eads
    Terena Eisner – The Eisner Foundation
    Marion Ein Lewin and Stuart Eizenstat
    Gail and Alfred Engelberg
    Clayton and Sheldon Erikson
    Kati Everett
    Thomas H. Fagadau
    Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
    Shannon Fairbanks
    Sherry and Joseph Felson, Joseph and Sherry Felson Familz Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay
    Tara Carson and Barbara Fergus
    Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.
    Jaimie and David J. Field
    Richard Finger
    Alejandra and Paul L. Foster
    Carla D’Arista Frampton and George T. Frampton, Jr.
    Anna and Matt Freedman
    Beth and Joshua Friedman
    Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies
    Pamela Paresky and Christopher Gates
    Dale Goodman and Leonard Genett
    Donna and Jon Gerstenfeld
    Deborah and Dennis Glass
    Harriett and Richard E. Gold
    David Goldberg
    Boyden Gray
    Arthur N. Greenberg
    Jan and Ronald K. Greenberg
    Rebecca Henry and Harry Gruner
    Agnes Gund
    Mary Beth Ramey and Richard Hailey
    Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman
    Henry L. Hecht
    Jamie and Bush Helzberg
    Ellen and Irv 0. Hockaday, Jr.
    Lillie Hodges and Brett Hodges
    Helga Fisch and Richard Hodosh
    Denise and Adam L. Hoeflich
    Judith Z. Steinberg and Paul J. Hoenmans
    Ann Marie and Terry Horner
    Lynne and Joseph Horning
    Nicole Giantonio and Jim Horowitz
    Nina Rodale Houghton
    Tori Dauphinot and Ken Hubbard
    Diane Goldberg Hunckler and William J. Hunckler III
    Ida Brant and Alireza lttihadieh
    Karen F. and George James
    Shana and Clint Johnstone
    Elise E. and Russell C. Joseph
    Joleen and Mitch Julis
    Allison and Warren Kanders
    Beth and Michael Kasser
    Susan Katz
    Sylvia and Richardt Kaufman
    Martha and George A. Kellner
    Erica and Jeffrey A. Keswin
    Mark R. Kramer
    Sheila and H. Michael Kurzman
    Ann and Edward Lamont
    Ana Landa
    Liz and Eric Leflkofsky
    Jane and Alan Lehman
    Rochelle and Max Levit
    John Lipsky
    Locke Lord LLP
    Marianne and Sheldon B. Lubar
    Gina Giumarra MacArthur
    Holly and John W. Madigan
    Charles N. Martin, Jr.
    Dale and Edward J. Mathias
    Randall Mays
    Leslie Berriman and Nion McEvoy
    Katherine and Ryan McIntyre
    Tracy McLaughlin
    Andrea and Robert McTamaney
    Cathy Merrill and Paul Williams, The Merrill Foundation, Inc.
    Kim Metcalf-Kupres
    Martha and Adam Metz
    Rheda Becker and Robert E. Meyerhoff
    Debbie Shon and Andrew Michels
    Elizabeth and Josh Mondry
    Caroline and John Moore
    Mary J. and Garrett Moran
    Susan E. and Robert S. Morrison
    Geraldine Karetsky and Larry Naughton
    Annette Nazareth
    Melissa and Toby Neugebauer
    Ann K. R. and William A. Nitze
    D’Ann F. and John R. Norwood
    Denise M. Dupre and Mark E. Nunnelly
    Susan and William Oberndorf
    Lady Booth and Theodore Olson
    Christine B. and Jay Orris
    John N. Palmer
    Patricia M. Papper
    Wendy and Bill Payne
    Andrew Pecora
    Amy M. and Brian Pennington
    Peter G. Peterson
    Doug H. Phelps
    Doren M. Pinnell
    Cynthia H. and Leon Polsky
    Lisa S. Pritzker
    John Pritzker
    Lori and Jude Reyes
    Kate Roberts
    Nancy Robinson
    Lyn M. Ross
    Rynthia Rost
    Jean and Thomas D. Rutherfoord, Jr.
    Cari B. and Michael J. Sacks
    Shirley and Yossi Sagol
    Samer Salty
    Sheryl Sandberg
    Mara and Ricky Sandler
    Linda and Jay Sandrich
    Mary B. and Patrick Scanlan
    Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
    Betty and Lloyd G. Schermer
    Pam and Tony Schneider
    June and Paul C. Schorr III
    Ginny and Conner Searcy
    Danny Sebright
    Jacquelin S. Sewell
    Josie and Carl Sewell III
    Peggy and Carl Sewell
    Steven and Megan Shebik
    Patsy and John H. Shields
    Betsy and Paul Coombe Shiverick
    Nancy and Mark J. Silverman
    Florence and Harry E. Sloan
    Elizabeth Pitts and Michael Slone
    David M. Solomon
    Gillian Sorensen
    Sara C. and James A. Star
    Gideon and Zoey Stein
    Kelly and Lee J. Styslinger III
    Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
    Robin Loewenberg Tebbe and Mark A. Tebbe
    Mary H. Thompson
    Cathy Mitchell Toren and Peter Toren
    Christopher V. Walker
    Jeffrey C. Walker
    Carol and John Walter
    Sam R. Walton
    Tillie Walton, The Tillie Walton Philanthropy Fund
    Monique Clarine and Ralph Wanger
    Jay Warren
    Christie and Jeffrey P. Weiss
    Axel Weber
    Alexa and Blaine Wesner
    Jenny and Tom Williams
    Judy and Fred Wilpon
    Diane Wilsey
    Sharon and Clark Winslow
    Carolyn and William J. Wolfe
    Kate Wolters
    William Wrigley, Jr.
    Nancy R. Lazar and George R. Zachar
    Barbara and David Zalaznick
    Elisha and Jeff Zander


    $5,000 OR MORE

    Marcia and Gregory Abbott
    Godard Abel
    Martin Adam
    Lizbeth S. and John W. Adams
    Carol and Ken L. Adelman
    Rita and Jeffrey Adler – Rita and Jeffrey Adler Foundation
    Shery Ahn
    Edward Alden
    Wajahat Ali
    Maram Aijazireh
    Amber Allen
    Roham Alvandi
    James Aresty
    Alece and David Schreiber
    Aspen Chamber Resort Association
    Carol and Robert Auld
    Amanda Urban and Ken Auletta
    Michelle and Brad Bachmann
    Lisa and George Baker
    Claudia and Richard Balderston
    Guillermo and Ana Maria Balfour
    Roger Ballentine
    Dan Barber
    Cara and Robert Barnes
    Trevor and Katherine Barnett
    Adya Beasley
    Ashley and James Beaty
    Renee and Robert A. Belfer
    Kim Bendheim
    Janie and John S. Bennett
    Rebecca and Jeffrey Berkus
    Marnie and John Bermingham
    Karen and Berl Bernhard
    Alan Berube
    James Bineau
    Mia Birdsong
    Manfred Bischoff
    Kalita and Edward W. Blessing
    Alison Blood
    Kimberly Bloom
    Sally Blount
    Betty Ann Blum
    Allison and Randall Bone
    Katherine Boone
    Michael Bourke
    Erin Branning
    Kim Brizzolara
    The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
    Beth A. and Michelle Brooke-Marciniak
    Marty Brounstein
    lnette and Joshua Brown
    Courtney and Michael Brown
    Mark Brown and Stephen Brint
    Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire
    Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum
    Carolyn S. Bucksbaum
    Stephen Bullock
    Jane L. and Calvin Cafritz
    Shelley Senterfitt and Ken Canfield
    John Carey
    Kellie H. and William Carlson
    Christine Carter
    Martin G. Carver
    Annie and Coley Cassidy
    John Hobby Catto Family
    Melissa and John Ceriale
    Lily Chang
    Katherin and David D. Chase
    Rabia Chaudry
    Christine Karnes and Richard Check
    Marcella Larsen and Chip Chilson Rumman Chowdhury
    Lam Kin Chung
    Betty and Nick Coates
    Dan Coats
    Stephen Coll
    Sandra and Michael Collins
    James Connaughton
    Patricia Cook
    Cornelia and Richard Corbett
    Judy and Archibald Cox, Jr.
    Nathalie Crick
    Helima Croft
    Angela and Charles L. Cunniffe
    Charles Dallara
    Anthony Dariane
    Linda and Ben Davis
    Ronald Davis
    Deanie and Martin Dempsey
    Alexis and Dusty Diaz
    Susan and Brian N. Dickie
    Tim Dierks
    Carol and Dixon Doll
    Jill Dougherty
    David N. Dreman
    Kyle Dropp
    Antonia Paepcke DuBrul
    Kay L. and Tom T. Dunton
    Jeff Ecklund
    Ingrid O. and Thomas J. Edelman
    Carolyn Edgar
    Elizabeth Wallace Ellers
    Lauren McCloskey Elston and Ryan Elston
    Bess and Ted Enloe III
    Amy Eskind
    Tena Farr
    Diana Farrell
    Niall Ferguson
    Margaret Medellin and Gregory Ferraro
    Marilyn and Larry Fields
    Linda and Gregory Fischbach
    David Fischer
    Judith Fisher
    Leana Fisher
    Barbara and Aaron Fleck
    Karine and Edward Flinter
    Anne Foster and Todd Foster
    Susan Gordon and Scott Francis
    Karen and James S. Frank
    Aminah and Vince Franze
    Jacob A. Frenkel
    Barry Friedman
    Eric Garcetti
    Countess Simonetta Brandolini d’Adda and Renee Gardner
    Kristen and Larry Gellman
    Julie Gerson
    Virginia and Gary Gerst
    Susan Glasser
    Dit and Mark Goldberg
    Sallie Golden
    Jocelyn Goldfein
    Thorey and Barry J. Goldstein
    Alfred G. Goldstein
    Jeannette and Jerry A. Goldstone
    Carole Gaba and Richard Gordon
    Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Fund
    Jonathan Greenblatt
    Glenda and Gerald Greenwald
    Michael B. Greenwald
    Joann and David L. Grimes
    Margaret McDowell and James Grossman
    Llura and Gordon Gund
    Joan and Rodger Gurrentz
    Avril Haines
    Shadi Hamid
    Joanna Rees and John Hamm
    Ryan Hampton
    Julia Hansen
    Kishore Hari
    Leelee T. and Bill Harriman
    Mary Ann and James R. Harris
    Joan W. Harris – The Irving Harris Foundation
    Carrie Besnette Hauser – Colorado Mountain College
    Diana Heldfond
    Casady M. Henry
    Julie and Christopher Hill
    Katie and Rob Holton
    Rachel Kohler and Mark S. Hoplamazian
    Sue Hostetler
    David Houggy
    Heidi Houston
    Carol and Mike Hundert
    Adam Hundt
    Ellen and Bill Hunt – Floreat Foundation Nicholas Hunter
    Debra and Brett Hurt
    Forsan Hussein
    Mary Ann Hyde
    Daniel J. lkenson
    Mi rte Mallory and Philip Jeffreys
    Hasan Kwame Jeffries
    Jane Jenkins
    Joanne and Joel Mogy
    Jennifer and Sekou Kaalund
    Diana J. Kalman
    Carolyn and William Kane
    Laura and Michael Kaplan
    Benton Kastman
    Jane and Gerald Katcher
    Jill and Curtis Kaufman
    Barbara Bluhm-Kaul and Donald Kaul
    Christian Keesee
    Kenneth Keil
    Jon Kelly
    Hyunja and Jeff L. Kenner
    Betsy and Brill Key
    Natasha Khandedkar
    Alonzo King
    Barbara Kizziah
    Kim Larson and Gary Knell
    Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
    Brian Kreiter
    Constance and John J. Kurowski
    Ginny Johnson and Toren Kutnick
    Laura and Dale Kutnick
    Kyja Kutnick
    Clare Madden and Varyk Kutnick
    Carey Bond and Henry Lambert
    Gaylene Salomons and Rickey Lamitie
    Mark Landler
    Jennifer Engel and Marian Lansburgh
    Marian and Leonard Lansburgh
    Brittany Laughlin
    Rebecca Lerner
    Carol and John Levy
    Thomas Lewis
    Darielle and Earl Linehan
    Judy and Sam Linhart
    Joanne Lipman
    Ann and Randy Lipton
    Sandra Familet and Chauncey Lufkin
    Donn and Michele Lux
    Holly Lynch
    Mathilde L. and Parker A. Maddux
    Leslie and Kurt Malkoff
    Suzanne Maloney
    Niki Manby
    Jennifer Manner
    Nicola and Jeffrey Marcus
    Carol S. Marks
    Denise Monteleone and James Martin
    Susan and Lawrence Marx
    Jill and Erik Maschler
    Travis Mason
    Jason Matheny
    Brandy and Richard McAniff
    Brendan McCord
    Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
    John L. McGoldrick
    Susan and Lee McIntire
    Simonetta Cittadini and Felipe Medina
    Marilyn and Tom Melberg
    Lisa and Willem Mesdag
    Rita and John Meskel
    Marshall Millsap
    Mary V. Mochary
    Shelah and Marc S. Moller
    C. Jay Moorhead Foundation
    Sara and William Morgan
    Joanna Ossinger and Daniel Moss
    Yascha Mounk
    Diane and Frank W. Murphy III
    Becky and Mike Murray
    Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
    Davia Nelson
    Corinne Nevinny
    David L. Nevins
    DeAnn Marshall and Kurt Newman
    Maryam R. and Howard H. Newman
    Paula and Jonathan Nickell
    Julie Nini and Martin J. Sprinzen
    Joseph Nye
    Sue A. and James Oates
    Marne Obernauer, Jr.
    Farah Pandith
    Kristi and Thomas A. Patterson
    Susan and Paul Penn
    Elizabeth Phelps
    Ali Phillips
    Julie C. and Gregory Pickrell
    Cathy and Hunter Pierson
    Elizabeth Pisacreta
    Betsy and Robert S. Pitts
    Lexie and Robert Potamkin
    Mary and Charles Preusse
    Ashley and Jeffrey Quicksilver
    Julie White Ratner and Dennis Ratner
    Barbara S. Reese
    Pixie and Jimmy Reiss
    Toni Rembe
    Leah Wright Rigueur
    Charles Rivkin
    Stephanie and Mark Robinson
    Judy T. and Emerson Robinson, Jr.
    Matthew Rojansky
    Hayley Romer
    Scott Rosenberg
    Michelle and Herbert Rosenfeld
    Betsy and Andy Rosenfield
    Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
    Nancy and Miles L. Rubin
    David Sadroff
    Pamela and Arthur Sanders
    Albert L. Sanders Jr.
    Jan and John G. Sarpa
    Judith Schalit
    Paul Schimmel
    Susan and Sheldon Schneider
    Trevor Schoonmaker
    Linda and H. Del Schutte, Jr.
    Shannon Schuyler
    Rachel and Anthony J. Sherman
    Wendy R. Sherman and Bruce Stokes
    Barbara Karp Shuster
    Lois Siegel
    Carla Ginsburg and Gordon Silver
    Adam Silver
    Madeline and Michael D. Silverman
    Peter Simi
    Victoria and Ronald A. Simms – The Simms/Mann Family Foundation
    John Simpkins
    Arianna Simpson
    Mish Tworkowski and Joseph Singer
    Andrew C. Skewes
    Bridger Smith
    Colter Smith
    Jennifer Soffen
    Jonathan Sommer
    Andrea and Glenn Sonnenberg
    Erika and Karim Souki
    Anthony Spadaro
    Constance and Stephen H. Spahn
    Steven Spencer
    Srinija Srinivasan
    Michael Steele
    Jessica and Jason Stoller
    Evelyn M. and Barry S. Strauch, M.D.
    William Resnick and Michael J. Stubbs
    Eleanor F. and John M. Sullivan, Jr.
    Roselyne C. Swig
    Shelley and Joel D. Tauber
    Jeff M. Taylor
    Jonathan Tepperman
    Sue Mi Terry
    Larry Thomas II
    Jennifer Olson and Scott Thompson
    Anne and Bill R. Tobey, Jr.
    Serena Koenig and Mark Tompkins
    Jean C. and Charles Townsend
    Heather Triano
    Karen and James Tucker
    John Turner
    Elly Ibbotson and Timur Umarov
    Yvette Valdez
    Amy and Jeffrey Verschleiser
    Toni and Lee Verstandig
    Cissy and Curt Viebranz
    Susan L. Smalley, Ph.D. and Kevin Wall
    Andrea Wallack
    Amy Walter
    Sandra and Stanford Warshawsky
    Lucinda B. Watson
    David Weaver
    Elizabeth Fleming and Ed Weisiger
    Leslie Marshall and William F. Weld
    Carrie and Joseph Wells
    Kevin Werbach
    Nancy and Larry Wilhelms
    Amy Amidon Simon and William Simon
    Carlotta and Wendell Willkie
    Atti Worku
    Susan Wrubel
    Irene and Alan L. Wurtzel
    William Zachs
    Michael Zantovsky
    Nadia Zilkha
    Zlotnik Family Charitable Fund
    Heidi Zuckerman
    Elke Zuern


    $1,000 OR MORE
    (including Vanguard Chapter and Wye Fellows)

    Virginia Aaron
    Kate Abraham
    Candace and Odeh Aburdene
    Jennifer Adams
    John K. Adams
    Deborah and Jim Adler
    Shannan and Joshua Adler
    Kalah Espinoza and David Agger
    Michael J. Albert
    Nielly and Mark Alderman
    Steve Alfaro
    Kathleen Allaire
    Jean-Luc Allavena
    Judy Ley Allen
    Katherine and David F. Allen
    Linda and John Allman
    Tabitha R. Almquist
    Carolyn S. Alper
    Majid Alsayegh
    Tanya and Paul Alston
    Laura Caldwell and Charles Amadon
    Page Bingham and Jim Anathan
    Jacqueline Novogratz and Chris Anderson
    Brigitte Anderson
    Emma and Michael Anselmi
    Jeremy Arditi
    Wendy Aresty
    Joan Levy and Simon Arnstein
    Jill and Paul Aschkenasy
    Lucy Jane Lang and Scott P. Asher
    Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund
    Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation
    Edward Lenkin and Roselin Atzwanger
    Jerry Augustin
    Barbara and Don Averitt
    Jennifer A. and Ethan Ayer
    Rebecca T. Ayres
    Denise Bachrodt
    Susan M. and Stephen Baird
    Cheryl and Orrin Baird
    Marilyn H. and George L. Baker
    Nina Mclemore and Donald I. Baker
    Jessi and Joe Baker
    Thomas J. Baker II
    Philip Balderston
    Lora and Jeb Ball
    Lissa Ballinger
    Marilyn and John Balson
    Robert Balzebre
    Katherine Barney
    E. Jay Rosenstein and Raymond Baron
    Claudia Barrios
    Pat and Charles Barry
    Ann and David Barry
    Naomi and Jerome Barsky
    Edie Barvin
    Carol Batchelder
    Cornelia G. and Buddy Bates
    Patricia J. and Michael J. Batza, Jr.
    Betty-Jean and David Bavar
    Kirsten Bay
    Hassan Bazzi
    William Beadleston
    Karen Beard
    Theodore Bell III
    Madeleine Morrison and Chuck Bellock
    Vivian and Norman Belmonte
    Deborah and Robert Bennett
    Clayton I. Bennett
    Margrit L. Benton
    Marilyn Berens
    Barbara Berenson, Esq.
    Davis Berg
    Barbara and Bruce Berger
    Katherine and James Berger
    Gretchen and John Berggruen
    Elena Berk
    Jeanne and Bruce Bernard
    Ellen and Richard Bernstein
    Tracy and Adam Bernstein
    Jim and Lisa Bertles
    Sheena and Keith Berwick
    Suman Bery
    Jonathan Beutler
    Rina Shah Bharara and Niteesh Bharara
    Scott Bickford
    Genevieve and Andrew Biggs
    Linda Binder
    Ian Black
    Janet and Robert Blaich
    Janice Blanchard
    Gay-Lynn and Robert Blanding
    Nancy L. Blank
    Gretchen Bleiler
    Madeline and Alan Blinder
    Ellen Block
    Susan M. and Lawrence C. Blount
    Marcus Blue, DDS, P.C.
    Fran Freedman Blum and Jon Blum
    Ellen and Richard Bodorff
    Marianne Boesky
    Jane Bogart
    Kenneth Bok
    Tasce and Zack Bongiovanni
    Sarah Borgman
    Barbara Haskell and Leon Botstein
    Kim Edwards and Jesse Bouchard
    Monique Boutros
    Andrea Bowers
    Frances F. Bowes
    Meta and William B. Boyd
    Mary Boyd
    Marc Brackett
    Lotta B. and Stuart M. Brafman
    Dan Braga
    Liz and Alex Bresler
    Eileen and Frank X. Bresnan
    Ginny and Charles Brewer
    Shara and Jonathan Brice
    John and Leslie Briggs
    Ella and Scott Brittingham
    Michelle Broderick
    Joanne and Donald Brodsky
    Carolyn Brody
    Gordon Bronson
    Charles Bronstein
    Lea Brooks
    Molly M. Brooks
    Nancy Pavell and Dan Brooks
    Karen B. Brooks
    Dyonicia Brown
    Morgan Henschke and Matt Brown
    Donna and Kenton Bruice
    Hilary and Rainer Bruns
    Andrea and Christopher D. Bryan
    Robin and Neal Buchalter
    Brittany Buffalino
    Barb and Steve Buffone
    Nathnael Bulcho
    Hope Gleicher and Andy Burness
    Ken Burns
    Laura Bushnell
    William Bynum
    Catherine and Bill Cabaniss
    Ludmila and Conrad Cafritz
    Megan DiSabatino and Nicola Caiano
    Susan and Brett Caine
    James C. Calaway
    Eeva and Christopher Calero
    Linda Calhoun
    Lauren Callaghan
    Tripp Callan
    Samantha Campbell
    Robert Cantu
    Karen E. Wagner and David L. Caplan
    Charles T. and Elizabeth Capute
    Penney E. and Dennis Carruth
    Stephen L. Carter
    Julie Case
    Kristin Casey
    Tate and Blake Casper
    Jorge E. Castillo
    Jennifer Catto
    Valerie Caveney
    Denise and Michael Cetta
    Lynn Chaffier
    Merle Chambers
    Pamela Chan
    Lynda and Ronald Charfoos
    David F. Chazen
    Catherine Chen-Rennie
    Chesapeake College
    Jennifer Childs
    Julius Christensen
    Phaedra Chrousos
    Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Gustavo A. Cisneros
    Rona and Jeffrey B. Citrin
    Tony Clancy
    Vince Clark
    Casarae Clark
    Chelsea Rae Clark
    Kristofer Clark
    Scott W. Clark
    Tara Clifford
    Linda M. and Steve R. Clineburg
    Kelly L. and John Close
    Kim Coates
    Marcie Cohen
    Cesar Conde
    Brenda Wild and Tony Coia
    Gretchen Cole
    Claudia L. and William T. Coleman III
    Missey Condie
    Mercedes Condy
    Noel R. and Thomas Congdon
    Lori Conkling
    Art and Joan Connolly
    Ashley and Michael Connolly
    Pamela and Donald Conover
    Gaylord Kent Conrad
    William Cook
    Brendan Cook
    Carole and Lodwrick M. Cook
    Jean and Bernard Cooney
    Judith Areen and Richard Cooper
    Beth and Harris Cooper
    Catherine Corman
    Craig Corona
    Michelle Cortright
    Dale Coudert
    Jennifer Coughlin
    Stephen M. Cox
    Lucinda and Charles Crocker
    Joan Crowley
    Caroline and Keating Crown
    Ants and Aimee Cullwick
    Druscilla French and Stephen M. Cumbie
    Ian M. Cumming
    Lawton and Craig Cummings
    Marc and Lisa Cummins
    James and Yan Curtis
    Charles Cutshall
    Dorothy Walsh D’Amato and C. Richard D’Amato
    Tarun Das
    Vicki and David Dansky
    Karim Daoud
    Scott Davidson
    Jerry A. Davis
    Yolanda and Mark Davis
    Alena Esina and Martin Davis
    Madge Henning and Warren N. Davis
    Ellen and Gary Davis
    Nallely Mejia and Alan Day-Garcia
    Alexandra de Borchgrave
    Susan de la Houssaye
    Susan de Saint Phalle
    Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
    Paige Decker
    Liza DeGraff
    Alix Dejean
    Jodie W. McLean and Pierre DeLucy
    Jason A. Denby
    Kittie and Bill Devers
    Susan DeVore
    Jeannine English and Howard Dickstein
    Chelsea and Chace E. Dillon IV
    Paul Dimoh
    Laci Dinan
    Michael F. DiNiscia
    Diane and Philip Dinkel
    Michael P. DiPaula-Coyle
    Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
    Tellie and George W. Dixon
    Jacqueline A. and Joseph E. Doddridge
    Joyce and Steven Doehler
    Kathleen and John Doerr
    Simon Dogbe
    Robin Dolch
    Lou and Carl Doll
    Amy and Tripp Donnelly
    Kim and Byron L. Dorgan
    Dionna Dorsey
    Diana Lady Dougan
    Andrew B. Douglass
    Marsha and David Dowler
    Berkeley and Jason H. Downie
    Micole and John Carroll Doyle
    Patti Solis Doyle
    Melissa and Ken M. Doyle
    Margo Drakos
    Sheila Draper
    Noa and Ami Dror
    Anu Vege and Abhijit Dubey
    Heather and Todd duBoef
    Donna and William S. Dudley
    William Dudley
    Virginia W. and Harry J. Duffey III
    Arne Duncan
    Jennifer Duncan
    Tess Duncan
    Nancy S. Dunlap
    David Dunn and Amb. Amy Bondurant
    David Durandt
    Melonie Nance and Umamaheswar Duwuri
    Carol S. Dweck
    Susan Dweck
    Damien Dwin
    Leatrice and Mel Eagle
    Sylvia A. Earle
    Marcy and Leo Edelstein
    Dulcinea and Spencer Edge
    Philip Edmunds
    Tracy and Bubba Eggleston
    Sarah and Andrew Ellenbogen
    Vlad Enache
    Susan Engs
    Diana Erbsen
    Ashley and Andrew Ernemann
    Billie and Gregory Erwin
    Kiki and Steven Esrick
    Dafri and Michael Estes
    Bruce Etkin
    Georg Philipp Ettstaller
    Chip Fagadau
    Linda and Rob Faktorow
    Bryan Faller
    Joan M. Fallon
    Cara M. Familet
    Vivian Farah
    Evelyn N. Farkas
    Patricia and Alexander Farman-Farmaian
    Jay Sones and Lucy Faust
    Hedy and Ronald Feder
    Peter Feer
    Andrea and Blake Feinman
    Anne and Alan D. Feld
    Martin S. and Kathleen Feldstein
    Suzanne Felson
    James Feng
    Michael Ferguson
    James B. Ferrari
    Lelia and Esteban Ferrer
    Susan and George Fesus
    Joseph Sebastian Fichera
    Karen Kaludis and Thomas Filbert
    Holly and Paul Fine
    Paulette and Joshua Fink
    Susan and Richard Finkelstein
    Jodie and Steven Fishman
    Carol Fishman
    Cristina Rose and Scott FitzRandolph
    Marcia and Donald Flaks
    Gina Berko and David Fleisher
    Jeffrey Grinspoon and Jon Foley
    Merrilie D. Ford
    Audrey and Stephen Forrer
    M. Reamy Ancarrow and Michael Forscey
    Lindsay Forster
    Lindsy and Adam J. Fortier
    Anne and George Foss
    Katharine and John W. Foster III
    Lou Fouts
    Chris Fowler
    Catherine and Christopher Foyle
    Chris Fralic
    Arturo Franco
    Ember Frank
    Angie Franks
    Diane Freestate
    Isabelle and Scott Freidheim
    Marilyn and Chuck Frias
    Charlotte Moss and Barry S. Friedberg
    Mark Friedland
    Kathy and Jeffrey Friedland
    Maresa Friedman
    Golda and Sheldon Friedstein
    Muni Fry
    Katherine Fry
    Jamie Fuente
    Ramsey E. and Colby Fulton
    Madorie Layden and Daniel Fung
    Ann Tillotson and William Futrell
    Kathleen Linehan and Edward Gabriel
    Caroline Boutte and Peter Gallagher
    Barbara and Michael Gamson
    Shelby and Frederick Gans
    Alejandra and Michael Garcia
    Lolly and David Garcia
    Brent Gardner-Smith
    Sara Garland
    Eydie and Donald Garlikov
    Mary Garner
    Sylvia Garrett
    Richard Garvin
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
    Shirley and Lew Gayner
    Catherine Gellert
    Lori Gendelman
    Hayley Mitchell and Clayton Gentry
    Judith and William H. Geoghegan
    Mircea Geoana
    David R. Gergen
    Linda and Bob Gersh
    Katie and Jim Gerson
    Eric Gertler
    Ann and Gordon P. Getty
    Joann Gilbert-Holmes
    Richard Gilder
    Lynne McGrath and Paul Gilmore
    Katherine K. and Christopher T. Gilson
    Nicoletta Giordani
    Mona Girotra
    David Gitlitz
    Patrick Givens
    Jeanne Glatt
    Dr. Lisa Braun Glazer and Dr. Jeffrey Glazer
    Donna and Martin Gleason
    Diane and Herbert Glimcher
    Leila Toplic and Cyrill Glockner
    Austin Glover
    Melissa Glynn
    Kay and Garry Godfrey
    Charles P. Goebel
    Erin M. Gogolak
    Bulent Goktuna
    Barbara Gold
    Wendy and Fred T. Goldberg, Jr.
    Michelle and Jared Goldberg
    Jean Golden
    Carol and Marc Goldstein
    Arlene Forastiere and Gary Goldstein
    Lynda Goldstein
    Teri and Andy Goodman
    Nelson Gordman
    Alexandra Gordon
    Eran Gorev
    Nikki Goss
    Joanne and Matthew Gouaux
    Dan Graham
    Julie Graham
    Steven Grand-Jean
    Thomas Grape
    Richard Graves
    Eileen and Richard Greenberg
    Dean L. Greenberg
    Karen Greenberg
    Tyler Greif
    Mike Gridley
    Elizabeth and Alan R. Griffith
    Page Lee Hufty and Alexander Griswald
    Cynthia Gronroos
    Jane and Allen Grossman
    Brett Grossman
    Hugh E. Grunden
    The Gunston School, Inc.
    Laurel and Vinod Gupta
    Kendra Lauren Gros and Nando Gutierrez
    Linda L. Haan
    Jennie and Raphael Haas
    Elizabeth and Peter Hagist
    Victor Halberstadt
    Shannon J. Hales
    Anne and Kurt Hall
    Christian Halvorsen
    Meg Withgott and Per-Kristian Halvorsen
    Elizabeth and Robert Hammond
    Jan Koran and Steven Handler
    Scott Hanley
    Deborah Hannam
    Sally and Steve Hansen
    Elizabeth and Blake Hansen
    Rachel and Reid Hansen
    Signe Hanson
    Johann Hari
    Roslyn Harkavy
    Gay and Wyman Harris
    Zara and Daniel Harris
    Linda and Mitch Hart
    Brendan Hart
    Jason Hartman
    Claire and Brad Hathaway
    Cheryl G. Healton
    Hilary Schneider and Jim Heerwagen
    Becky and William Heldfond
    Heller Family Foundation
    Susan and Robert Helm
    Heidi and Keith Hemstreet
    Kaya Henderson
    Kathryn and Bill Henderson
    Chantal Henderson
    Morgan Henschke
    Claudia and Tom Henteleff
    Linda Vitti Herbst and Clarence A. Herbst
    Linda and Jerry Herman
    Cindy and Will Herndon
    Karen Herrling
    Susan Hesketh
    Juliane Marion Heyman
    Catherine and Thomas E. Hill
    Gloria Hill
    Linda A. Hill
    Richard H. Hillman
    Carla and Roderick M. Hills
    Cindy Hirschfeld
    Amanda and Bret Hirsh
    Claudia Ho
    Ivan Hodac
    Samuel Hodges
    Stephanie Hodor
    Sharon and John Hoffman
    Joanna H. and Robert A. Holden, (Ret.)
    Stephanie Holder
    Jarrod Hollinger
    Allison and Patrick Holloran
    Ben Homer
    Ron Hopkinson
    Sue and R. R. Hopkinson
    Martha F. Horner
    Beth C. and Jeff H. Horstman
    John Horton
    Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard A. Horvitz
    Ada and Jim Horwich
    Jason Houser
    George Saad and Jason Howell
    Holly Huffines
    C. Lloyd Huggins
    Karen T. Hughes and K. Alexandra Hughes
    Jackie Merrill and Jay Hughes
    Lawrence Hui
    Jerome Huret
    Danya and Sam Najah Husseini
    Camille Cook and Laura Hutcheson
    Barbara and Joseph R. Hyde III
    Carolyne T. Hyde
    Pitt Hyde
    Meghan and James lacino
    Liba Icahn
    Heather lchord
    David Ignatius
    Gugy Irving
    Rob Ittner
    Igor Jablokov
    Martha and Mel W. Jackson
    Bisque Jackson
    Trudy and John Jacobson
    Mary and Thomas A. James
    Natalie and Bixby Jamison
    Pam and Jerry Jana
    Kelly Jankowski
    Natalie Jaresko
    Henry Jasen
    Lynda G. and William W. Jeanes, Jr.
    Sherry and David Jeffery
    Deborah E. Jennings
    Richard M. Jennings
    Karen Jensen
    Cara Grayer Johnson and Jerry L. Johnson
    Marci and Stan Johnson
    Teresa and Steve Johnson
    Sis and Hasty Johnson
    Joy Johnson
    Charlene Markle Johnston
    Suzannah Johnston
    Anne and Scott Jones
    Kathleen K. and Warren D. Jones
    Tory and Mark Joseph
    William N. Joy
    Sally and Tim Kagan
    Camilla Kampmann
    Courtney M. and Scott Kane
    Nora and Geoffrey Kanter
    Steven and Francine Katz
    Ann and Stephen Kaufman
    Brian Kaufmann
    Walter Kawecki III
    Emily Kay
    Elizabeth B. Keffer
    Kitty Kelley
    Lisa and Kenneth Kelley
    Lindsay Schanzer and Alexander Kelloff
    Lisa See and Richard Kendall
    Katherine Kendrick
    Alex Kendrick
    Scott Kendrick
    Freia K. and Warren W. Kershow
    Wendy Kesser
    Philip Khan
    Salman Khan
    Mpopi Khupe
    Natasha Kiemnec
    Michele Kiley
    Ross King
    Paul Kinney
    Susan O’Bryan and Stephen Kinney
    Tracy Straus and Joel Kipnis
    Joanne and John Kirby
    Jodie A. Kirshner
    Nancy and Henry A. Kissinger
    Teisuke Kitayama
    Jackie and Andrew Klaber
    Robert Klaber
    Annette and Melvyn N. Klein
    Susan and John Klein
    Sally and James D. Klingbeil
    Missy and Chris Klug
    Pippa and Alex Klumb
    Chris Kluwe
    Harry D. Knight, Jr.
    Robert J. Koenke
    Susan and Barry Koh
    Colleen Kollar-Kotelly
    Lisa Kopecky
    Cathy and Jonathan Koplovitz
    Elizabeth and Claude Koprowski
    Andrea Korber
    Lauren Korshak
    Armel Kouassi
    Lindsey Kozberg
    Karen and Liam Krehbiel
    Karen Kribs
    Myles Krieger
    Stanley Kritzik
    Alison Lewis and Craig Krumwiede
    Ellen and Fred R. Kueker
    Arthur H. Kudner III
    Cari and Jeff Kuhlman
    David Kunin
    Julie LaNasa and John T. Kunzweiler
    Jill and Barry Lafer
    Bernard Lagrange
    Wesley Lai
    Satinder K. Lambah
    Sheila and Bill Lambert
    Byron Lamotte
    Samuel Landercasper
    Joshua Landis
    David Lane
    Diana and Chris Lane
    Sally and James Lapeyre, Jr.
    Wendy U. Larsen
    Donald Larsen Jr.
    Judith and George Robert Lawrence
    Joany Lebach
    Elaine and Robert LeBuhn
    Barbara and Jonathan O. Lee
    Bruce Lee
    Kim E. Sedmak and Bruce F. Lee
    Susan and Darren Leeman
    Judith and Donald Lefton
    Khaliyah Legette
    Erin Lentz
    Ruth Owades and Louis Lenzen
    Aynsley and Palmer Letzerich
    Karen and Bruce Levenson
    Felicia and Ronald Levin
    Kimberly Levin
    Louise Levin
    Lucia D. Swanson and Theodore A. Levine
    Suzann Levine
    Margi and Thomas Levitt
    Karen and Walter M. Levy
    Patricia N. and Donald T. Lewers
    Bryan Lewis
    Wilbert Lewis
    Margaret Wettergreen and Jamie Lewis
    David Lewis
    Suzanne Leydecker
    Mary Schmidt-Libby and Russell Libby
    Dori and Robert Libson
    Sylvia and David Lichtenger
    Laurel Lichty
    Kim Master and Noah Lieb
    Alice and Peter Light
    Christine and Andrew Light
    Diane Light
    Erkki Liikanen
    Regan Wilson and Christopher Lim
    Emily Lin
    Nick Lincoln
    Renee Linnell
    Katherine and David Liola
    Jody Guralnick and Michael Lipkin
    Tara and Hunter Lipton
    Lauren and Michael S. Liss
    Susan and Fred Lodge
    James Loeffler
    Nancy and James R. Loewenberg
    Lindsay Lofaro
    Mary Revell and Eugene Lopez
    Florence Lotrowski
    Adelia Lovati
    Judy Hill and Amory B. Lovins
    Pamela Jo Rosenau and Marilyn Lowey
    Miguel A. Loya
    Jessica J. Lucas
    Kathleen Condon and Rick E. Luftglass
    Mary and Robert E. S. Lupo
    Martha Luttrell
    Daniel Lynn
    Jill Hornor and Yo-Yo Ma
    Catherine Maas
    Janette and Robert S. Macaulay
    Peter Mack
    Nancy Magoon
    Mark Mahaney
    Christy Mahon
    Norah L. and Russ A. Mail
    Trish and John Malin
    Patrick Maloney
    Eric Maltzer
    Jeannette Mandelbaum
    Mervyn Mandelbaum
    Nancy R. Manderson
    Judy and Robert Mann
    Gail P. and Frederick J. Manning
    Sherry and Charles W. Manning
    Stephen J. Marcus
    Joan and Michael Marek
    Jennifer and Philip Maritz
    Amy Haines and Richard Marks
    Janice and Evan Marks
    Chris Marlin
    Jeffrey Marlough
    Patricia Marquis
    Stephanie P. Marshall
    Martha and Todd Martin
    Courtney Martin
    Mark Mason
    Liza and Jonathan Mauck
    Jaelin and Dave Mayer
    Mona Look-Mazza and Anthony Mazza
    David Mazzuca
    Estelle and William McArthur
    Sharon Teddy Mcbay
    Worthy F. McCartney
    Daniel and Chrissy McCaslin
    MK McCloskey
    Orin L. McCluskey
    Catherine C. McCoy
    Debra and Clint McDonnough
    Lauren Coape-Arnold and Joseph McGeehin
    Joyce McGilvray
    Teraissa McGovern
    Erin McGuire
    Sara McKinley
    Kathryn McKinley
    Donald C. McKinnon
    Slater McLean
    Jamie L. Brewster McLeod and Glen McLeod
    Betty McManus
    Ryan McManus
    Rosemary McNatt
    Penny Meepos
    Geeta and Krishen Mehta
    Diane E. Meier
    Nancy E. Meinig
    Deborah and Lee Meisel
    Vera and Ken Meislin
    Adam Mekies
    Olivier Mellerio
    Anu and Manoj Menda
    Derraik Menezes
    Arnie Meranski
    Gail and Alec Merriam
    Katie Budge-Merrill and Steven Merrill
    Eleanor and Robert M. Meyers
    Marita and Jonathan Fairbanks
    Ayesha Mian
    Bernice and Jerry Michael
    Renee and Bruce Michelson
    Susan Forlifer and Robert Middleton
    Maxine Millar
    Orly Friedman and Matthew Miller
    Patrice and Herb Miller
    Priscilla Miller
    Veronika Miller
    BJ Miller
    Lloyd Miller
    Christina and Tim Millikin
    Jonathan Miner
    Melinda and Morris Mintz
    Gurpreet and Raghavendra Misra
    George Mitchell
    Michele Mittelman
    Genna Moe
    Joel Mokyr
    Mary and Justin Moninger
    Nancy and George Montgomery
    Anne and Mead Montgomery
    John Moore
    Elizabeth Moose
    Chrissi and Michael C. Morgan
    Kim and Jon Morgan
    Marci and Ronnie Morgan
    Kimberly Morgan
    Bob Morris
    Julie and Mark Morris
    Laurie Morrison
    Anna and Peter Morrissey
    Ellen-Jane and Ben Moss
    Edward Mulcahy
    Lee Mulcahy
    Ann Mullins
    Mary Alice and Donald A. Munson
    Julie C. Muraco
    Julia Murphy
    Marcie J. and Robert Musser
    Claire and Carlos Musso
    Matthew Myers
    Dania Mohammed Nabeel
    Ilene and James A. Nathan
    Linda Nathanson
    Constance Hoguet Neel and Richard Neel
    Katherine Neisser
    Mark A. Nelson
    Robyn and Doyle Newmyer
    Judy Ney
    Cecilia and Robert D. Nobel
    Laurie Cappello and David Nochimson
    Sara Mia Noguera and Silverio Zebral Filho
    Queen Noor
    Danielle and Paul Noto
    Larry and Melanie Nussdorf
    Siobhan Oat-Judge
    Ann O’Brien
    Stephanie and Diarmuid O’Connell
    Eileen O’Connor
    Janet and Tom O’Connor
    Sandra Day O’Connor
    Wole Odetayo
    Alycia Steinberg and Damian O’Doherty
    Carol and Brian O’Hare
    Caner Okan
    Blanca U. and J. C. O’Leary
    Michelle and Drew Olejnik
    Julie Oliff
    Darian Oliva
    Claire and Michael Olshan
    Michelle and Chris Olson
    Edward O’Reilly
    Nedra and Mark Oren
    Jared Oren
    Greg Orman
    Laurie Crown and Richard Ortega
    Olara A. Otunnu
    Brian Overbo
    Hisashi Owada
    Matt Owings
    Sharon Owsley
    Ta Iii and Geoff Oxnam
    Margaret and Paul Pace
    Christine and Michael Pack
    Falon Dominguez and Adish R. Padhani
    Barbara Page
    Elaine Pagels
    Ana Pantelic
    Karen S. and Arthur Menelaus Pappas
    Jean L. and Allen G. Parelman
    Faye Park
    Patricia and Stephen Parkhurst
    Carol H. Parlett
    Yves Pascouau
    Sue and Kirk Patrick
    Lindsay and Jeff Patterson
    Patricia M. Patterson
    Elysia and Burnet Pearce
    Amy Elias and Richard L. Pearlstone
    Esther Pearlstone
    Delphine Peck
    Dipika Rai and Douglas Peckham
    Kathryn Fleck Peisach and Harry Peisach
    Sarah Pelch
    Dawnette Smith and Jeremy Pemberton
    Mary Ann Peoples
    Robert Perkowitz
    Adam Perlmutter
    Donna and Richard Perlmutter
    Essie and Jordon Perlmutter
    Emilie Wiggin and Ian Perry
    William Peruzzi
    Carol H. and Brooke Peterson
    Hensley and James Peterson
    Dion Peterson
    Kathleen K. and Gerald Petitt
    Kathryn Phillips
    Stacy Brown-Philpot and Verdere Philpot Amy Phuong
    Thomas R. Pickering
    Stephen Pineault
    Laura and Walter H. Plosila
    Dorothy and Aaron S. Podhurst
    Pat and William F. Podlich
    Geneva Podolak
    Diane and Arnold L. Polinger
    Cintra Pollack
    Carolyn S. and Gary Pomerantz
    Steven Pope
    Jane R. and William M. Pope, Jr.
    Leslie and Wolfgang Pordzik
    Karen Herrling and Daniel R. Porterfield
    Carla and Charles Powell
    Jon Powell
    Kristen Prinz
    Catherine Anne Provine
    Marianna Prueger
    John Vytautas Prunskis
    Josiane Collazo-Psaki and James Psaki
    Kelley and Mark Purnell
    Sandra and Jeffrey Quartner
    Eden Rafshoon
    Pavel Raifeld
    Diana Birkett Rakow
    Marsha Ralls
    Ashley and Mike Ramos
    Ellen B. and Edward Randall III
    Whitney Randolph
    Kimble Ratliff
    Nan and Robert Ratner
    Kim Raymond
    Jeanne and David W. Reager
    Stacey and Presley O. Reed
    Jantoon Reigersman
    Margaret B. Rennels
    Lisa Renstrom
    Rotem and Shai Reshef
    Brenda and Phil Rever
    Grace Reyes
    Karen Ribs
    Jessie Chaney and Abate Riccardo
    Condoleezza Rice
    Myra L. and Robert S. Rich
    Pamela and Charles F. Richards, Jr.
    Rebecca and Myron F. Richardson
    Valerie A. Richter
    Jenny Rickard
    Mary and Fritz Riedlin
    Aaren Riley
    Edgra and Ira Ringler
    Donna Di Ianni and Peter Rispoli
    Maxwell Rispoli
    Elspeth and William G. Ritchie
    Michael Rivera
    Marilyn and Charles Rivkin
    Peggy Robertson
    Courtland Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson
    Katie and Amnon Rodan
    Jacques Rodrigue
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Faith Roessel
    Alice and Bruce Rogers
    Lisanne Rogers
    Beverly and Peter Rohman
    Theodore Roosevelt IV
    Debbi Fields Rose
    Barbara and Donald Rosenberg
    Michelle and Howard Rosenbloom
    Robert Ross
    Ruthanne and Scott Roth
    Ivette and Andrew Rothschild
    Gail Rubenstein
    Ronald Rubenstein
    Brittanie Rockhill and Greg Rucks
    Susie Rudd
    Adrienne Rudge
    Jana C. and Robert A. Rudnick
    Stuart Russell
    Scott and Ally Russell
    Elexa Ruth
    Uwe Ruttke
    Priscilla and Edmund Ryan
    Douglas and Kristen Ryckman
    Viveka Rydell-Anderson
    Torrey Simons and Marcus Ryu
    Norma Saafir
    H.E. Sheikha Al-Zain Sabah Al-Naser AI-Sabah
    Vivian and John Sabel
    Gail and Richard Sachson
    Sarah and Ken Sadler
    John Sadowski
    Maralee Beck and Andrew Safir
    Eva Sage-Gavin
    Saint Martin’s Ministries
    Landen Saks
    Alan Salisbury
    Susanna Samet
    Linda Sandell
    Karen and Nathan Sandler
    Lois and Thomas C. Sando
    S. S. Sands, Jr.
    Christine Sanwald
    Yanhua and Edward Sappin
    Kim Sargent
    Lynn and John Savarese
    Susan S. Savitsky and Gerald Savitsky
    Erin and Ken Sawyer
    Henry B. Schacht
    Carla and Wido Schaefer
    Patrick Schaefer
    Gloria Scharlin
    Lisa and David T. Schiff
    Alan Fletcher and Ronald J. Schiller
    Linda and Robert Schmier
    Chelsea Volpe and Morwin Schmookler
    Victoria E. Schonfeld
    Beth Shapiro Schulte and David Schulte
    Louise and Robert Schwab
    Michelle Schwartz
    Carlo Scognamiglio Pasini
    Phyllis and David Scruggs
    Laura G. Blocker and Mark Seal
    Elizabeth Seeger
    Kimbelry and Michael Seguin
    Alexa and Tom D. Seip
    Jeannie and John Seybold
    Katherine and Dhiren H. Shah
    Jane and Paul Shang
    Peggy and Paul Sharp
    Deborah and Robert Sharpe
    Marina E. and Oliver Sharpe
    Sarah Chase Shaw and Richard Shaw – BF Foundation
    Megan Shean
    Barbara E. and Michael D. Sheridan
    Joseph Sherman
    Alice Young and Thomas L. Shortall, Esq.
    Sara and Michael Shulman
    Dawinder Sidhu
    Wendy and Michael Sidley
    Robert Sidorsky
    Andrea L. Cunningham and Rand Siegfried
    Martha H. and Alfred C. Sikes
    Cecily Silberman
    Ellen and Morton Silver
    Candice C. Simmons
    Amana and Scot Simmons
    Joshua Simon
    Jonathan Singer
    Shannon and Corey Sisler
    Nicola Siso
    Gayle Skinner
    Matthew D. Slater
    Eric Small
    Anda and Ryan Smalls
    Anna Deavere Smith
    Cindy and Daniel R. Smith
    Lynn B. and Charles Smith
    Pam and Bill Smith
    Reid Smith
    Stephanie Smith
    Suzanne Smith
    Jane K. and Brian M. Snow
    Beverly and John Snyder
    Nancy J. and David Snyder
    Sarah and Paul Sohn
    Javier Solana
    Eileen Solomon
    Katie and Michael Solondz
    Charif Souki
    Cammie Erickson and Tyler Spalding
    Jill Barrett and Jeremy Spaulding
    Sue Edelstein and Bill Spence
    Diana Davis Spencer
    Nancy Chasen and Don Spero
    Lee A. Spiegelman
    Russell Sprole
    Stage Six
    Esther and Larry W. Stanton
    Christine and Thomas Stauch
    Sandra and Stephen Stay
    Joelle Steefel
    Michael and Mary Kathryn Steel
    Ruth S. Stein
    Laurence Steinberg
    Phyllis and Ronald Steinhart
    Leah Steinhauser
    Laura Makar and Luke Stephenson
    Andrew L. Stern
    Freda Gail Stern
    Debbie and Jeffrey Stevenson
    Collette S. and Warren Stickney
    Ellen M. Heller and Shale D. Stiller
    Linda Klieger Stillman and Robert Stillman
    Gayle and Paul Stoffel
    Tyler Storlie
    Jennifer Storm
    Lou and Ray Stover
    Curt Strand
    Laurissa Pauli and Clay Stranger
    Bonnie and Tom Strauss
    Sabine and Stephan Strothe
    Joel S. Strumph
    Peter Stuart
    Brett Suma
    Krista Swanson
    James and Carol Swiggett
    Marcy Syms
    Mary Frances and Stephen Szoradi
    Mimi and Marc Tabah
    Emily and Stewart Tabin
    Julie and Howard Talenfeld
    Curtis Tamkin
    Nicole and Lex Tarumianz
    Bruce Taub
    Amanda C. Taylor
    Anne Kaiser and Robert P. Taylor
    Amy and Mark Tercek
    Gillian Tett
    Shashi Tharoor
    Claire Thielke
    Shelly Thigpen
    Robert Thoburn
    Susan B. and William L. Thomas
    Hank Willis Thomas
    Hannah Thompson
    Heather Loomis Tighe
    Beverly and Richard Tilghman
    Joan Tobin
    Joseph Tobin
    Sarah M. and Frank Torti, Jr.
    Luis Gerardo del Valle Torres
    John Train
    Giulio Tremonti
    Pam Gengo and Evan Trestman
    Tammy and Guillermo Trevino
    Ryan Triplette
    Sarita Vanka and Prem Trivedi
    Nancy Oliphant and Adam Trombly
    Lucy Lea Tucker
    Jillian Tucker
    Steven Tucker
    Roberta Turkat
    Sandra and Sam Tyler
    Ksenia Tyutrina
    Isabella Ulloa
    Holly Upper
    Erik Van der Kooij
    Wendi C. Van der Meer
    Amanda Vanderpool
    Jonathan Vaughters
    Jose Vazquez
    Cathy O’Connell and Fred Venrick Adam Verner
    Erin and Dash Victor
    Paul A. Volcker
    Eckart von Klaeden
    Macias and Eran Wagner
    Tracy Higgs-Wagner and Scott Wagner
    Vivian and Tom Waldeck
    Marilyn and Murry Waldman
    Kristen and James Waldron
    Anna Walters
    Ryan Walterscheid and Tracey McKinley
    Tracy Ward
    Ty Warren
    Viviane M. Warren
    Wendy Whitman and Ryan Warren
    Riley Warwick
    Judy and Robert H. Waterman, Jr.
    Roxanne J. Decyk and Neil Lewis Watts
    Ann and Charles Webb
    Vin Weber
    lrmhild and Philip J. Webster
    Evelene Wechsler
    Denis Weil
    Randa Weiner
    Myriam Weinstein
    Rosemary and J. F. Weintz, Jr.
    Katarina Weir
    Bryan Weisbard
    Marion W. Weiss
    Lucie and Jerry Weissman
    Jane and Jonathan Wells
    Terry Wells
    Jennifer L. Weng
    Dana and Michael Werner
    Leslie H. Wexner
    Edith Kallas-Whatley and Joe R. Whatley
    Sharon and Richard Wheeden
    Emily and Neal Wheeler
    Chris Whitcomb
    Dorothy and Donald G. Whitcomb
    Brien White
    Douglas Whitman
    Frederick B. Whittemore
    Sara Wiesenfeld
    Nicholas Wiggins
    Margot Markle Wilkinson
    David S. Williams
    Lisa and Edward Williams
    Andrea Hailey and David Williamson
    Marie C. Wilson
    Steev Wilson
    Reginald Wilson
    Lindsay Wilson
    Odile Granter Wilson
    Christa Montague and Paul Wilson
    Georgeanna Windley
    Carol G. and Michael E. Winer
    Steve Winesett
    Susan and Barton Winokur
    Natalie Harold Friedman and Daniel Winston
    Ruth Winter
    Mary and Hugh D. Wise III
    avid J. Wish
    Frank G. Wisner
    Robin S. Wittlin
    Hang Kei Simon Wong
    Corinne and Paul Wood
    Tamara and Frank Woods
    David Wooten
    Atti Worku
    Temple Worth
    Eduardo Wurzmann/Henry Crown Fellow 2004 lnfin8 Class
    Judith Wyman
    Mei Xu
    Sharon and Lance Yateman
    Ann and Charles Yonkers
    Coulter Young
    Alix and Fabrizio Zangrilli
    Karen Zelden
    Judy and Leo Zickler
    Rachel and Paul Zimmerman
    Teddy Zmrhal
    David Zolet
    Mortimer B. Zuckerman
    Sophie Levy Zuckerman and Eric Zuckerman
    Paula Paepcke Zurcher


    Organizational Partners

    Abrego Family Foundation
    Accenture LLP
    ACCION International
    Acmen Fund Inc
    Ada Asbl Partnership
    Adhesion Aspen Network
    Aetna Foundation, Inc.
    Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
    African Management Initiative
    African Management Services
    Agora Partnerships
    AHL Venture Partners
    Alianca Empreendedora
    Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
    Rita Allen Foundation, Inc.
    Alpine Bank
    Amalgamated Charitable Foundation
    Amani Institute
    Amazon Web Services
    American College of Sports Medicine
    American Express Foundation
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    Anglo-American Charitable Foundation
    Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
    The Anschutz Foundation
    AP Management
    APM Associates INC
    Appui au Developpement Autonome
    Argidius Foundation
    Arizona State University
    Arthur Street Foundation
    Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
    Asha Impact
    Ashburton Investments
    Ashesi University College
    Asia Foundation
    Asociacion Alterna
    Asociacion Socialab Olombia
    Aspen Institute Italia
    Aspen Institute Japan
    Aspen Institute Kyiv
    Aspire Coronation Trust
    Associacao Al ianca Empreendedora
    Athena lnfonomics
    Auld Family Charitable Gift Fund
    Autodesk, Inc.
    Az Quest
    B Lab Company
    Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    Bankable Frontier Associates, LLC
    Barrick Gold Corporation
    Bayer AG
    Beck-Safir Foundation
    Bertelsmann Foundation
    Best Buy
    Bethel Party Rentals
    Better Stories
    Bezos Family Foundation
    BF Foundation
    Bloomberg Philanthropies
    Blue Haven Initiative LLC
    Blue lnventure Limited
    Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship
    British Council
    Brooklyn Queens
    The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
    BTG Pactual
    The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
    Business Place Network
    C&A Foundation
    The C.E. and S. Foundation
    California Endowment
    Camaea de Comercio de Cali
    Capital Plus Exchange Corporation
    Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
    Carnegie Corporation of New York
    The Stephen Case Foundation
    Casey Family Programs
    Annie E. Casey Foundation
    Marguerite Casey Foundation
    Catholic Relief Services
    Catto Shaw Foundation
    Cedars Foundation Inc.
    Ceniarth LLC
    CFA Institute
    Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC
    Chanel, Inc.
    Charles Koch Foundation
    Charter Communications
    Chevron Corporation
    The Chicago Community Foundation
    Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance
    Child Relief International Foundation
    Child Trends, Inc.
    Christian Aid
    Citi Foundation
    Citi Payment Services
    City of Aspen
    Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Clinton Foundation
    CM Human Capital Sol
    Cognizant US Corp
    Colegio De Estudios Superiores
    College Futures Foundation
    Colorado Audio Visual
    The Columbia Leadership Trust
    Comcast Corporation
    Comcast Foundation
    The Commonwealth Fund
    Community Foundation of New Jersey
    Consilium Capital Ltd.
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    Corporacion lnversor
    The Coretz Family Foundation
    Creative Meiter
    Cross Boundary LLC
    Dalberg Consulting
    Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation
    Dalio Family Foundation, Inc.
    de Beaumont Foundation
    The Jay DeFeo Trust
    Deloitte Services LP
    Democracy Fund
    Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade
    Destiny Women Microfinance
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    Development Alternatives Incorporated
    Dick’s Sporting Goods
    Richard Diebenkorn Foundation
    Dietel Partners
    Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
    Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    Driven Entrepreneurs
    Driven to Succeed
    Duke Corporate
    Dunlap Family Fund
    E Squared
    ECMC Foundation
    EcoEnterprises Fund
    Edge Growth
    Edison International
    Einhorn Family Charitable Trust
    The Eisner Foundation
    Emmis Communications Corp.
    Endeavor Global, Inc.
    Energy Income Partners LLC
    Engelberg Foundation
    Engineers Without Borders
    Enterprise Projects Ventures Ltd.
    Enterprise Uganda
    Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners
    Equal Measure
    Esoko Networks Ltd.
    ES Partners
    Evercore Trust Company
    Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
    Ezeli International Limited
    The Falkenstein Foundation
    Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation
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    Fidelity Foundation
    Floreat Foundation
    Fondation A&E
    Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala
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    Ford Motor Company
    Forum Phi LLC
    Foundation for a Smoke-Free World
    Fralic Family Fund
    Friedman Family Foundation
    Friendship Bridge
    FSG, Inc.
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    Fundacion Fundasistemas
    Fundacion IES
    FUNDES International
    Gap Foundation
    Garfield & Hecht, P.C.
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    GE Ventures
    GEICO Philanthropic Foundation
    General Dynamics Corporation
    Genesis Analytics Pty Ltd.
    The Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Foundation
    Give lnlieu Foundation
    The Glenmede Trust Company
    Global Affairs Canada
    Global Communities
    Global Development
    Global Impact
    Global Livingston Institute
    Global Partnerships
    Globe Capital Partners GMBH
    The Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation
    Goldman Sachs Foundation
    The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
    The GoodCoin Foundation
    John T. Gorman Foundation
    The Gray Foundation
    Greater Miami Jewish Federation
    Greater Texas Foundation
    Greenville Health System
    Griffinworx Inc
    GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation
    The Guston Foundation
    Habitat for Humanity
    The Hampshire Foundation, Inc.
    Heifer International
    Heising – Simons Foundation
    Helios Education Foundation
    Helvetas Swiss
    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
    Holthues Trust
    Hong Kong Jockey Club
    Hopewell Fund
    Houston Endowment Inc.
    Ibex Investors
    IDBAR Bank
    I-Dev International
    IMAGO Global Grassroots
    Impact HUB GmbH
    Impact Investment
    Impact Risk to Opportunity
    Inherent Foundation
    Inherent Group
    lnnovacion Emprendurisom
    Innovation Hub Management Company
    Innovations in Healthcare
    lnsitor Impact Asia Fund
    Institute of International Education
    lnstituto Sabin
    Intellectual Capital Advisory Service
    International Development Research Centre
    lntituto de Cidadania Empresarial
    Ira William H Webster
    The lthaka Foundation
    J/P Haitian Relief Organization
    The Jane Goodall Institute
    Jay’s Valet Parking & Luxury Shuttle Service
    Jewish Communal Fund
    Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecol
    Johnson & Johnson
    Paul Tudor Jones Family Foundation
    Joy Foundation
    The Joyce Foundation
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    JPMorgan Chase Foundation
    Kanders and Company, Inc.
    Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey
    Kapani Family Charitable Foundation
    Kauffman Co
    Kauffman Foundation
    Kay Family Foundation
    Kaya lmpacto
    Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation
    W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    Matthew Kelly Family Foundation
    Kenya Climate and Innovation Centre
    KeyBank National Association Kittredge Fund
    The Kresge Foundation
    Kurzman Family Fund
    KYB Early Childhood Development Ent
    L.E.A.P Africa
    Lambert Family Foundation
    LASG Employment Trust Fund
    Lemelson Foundation
    Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation
    Les Dames D’Aspen LTD
    LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG
    Ligado Network
    Linked Foundation
    Locke Lord LLP
    LTSE Holdings, Inc.
    Henry Luce Foundation
    Lumina Foundation
    Lundin for Africa Foundation
    Lutheran World Relief
    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    MacArthur Foundation
    Maritz, Inc.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The MasterCard Foundation
    MBC Africa
    MBS Associates LLC
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    McEver Foundation
    McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
    Patrick J McGovern Foundation
    Medtronic Foundation
    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
    Merck & Co., Inc.
    Mercy Corps
    Merle Chambers Fund
    Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation Ltd
    MetLife Foundation
    Microsoft Corp.
    Microsoft Corporation
    Middle East Investment Initiative
    Mind The Gap
    Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
    Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
    The Morgridge Family Foundation
    Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
    Scott A Nathan Charitable Trust
    National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)
    National Mentorship Movement
    National Urban Indian Family Coalition
    Leroy Neiman Foundation Inc
    New Company LLC
    New Markets Lab
    New Ventures Mexico
    Newman’s Own Foundation
    Nike, Inc.
    Nimmok SAS
    Novartis Investments S.A.R.L
    Novastar Ventures Limited
    Novo Foundation
    Nuclear Threat Initiative
    Oak Foundation
    OC Stichting Oxfam NOVIB
    OCP Group
    Omidyar Network Services LLC
    One Million Years Foundation
    One To Watch Nepal
    ONOW Myanmar Co. Ltd.
    Open Capital Advisors Ltd.
    The Open Society Policy Center
    Opportunity Collaboration LLC
    Optimizer Foundation
    Oxfam America, Inc.
    David and Lucile Packard Foundation
    Park King Development
    Partners in Food Solutions
    Paul Hastings LLP
    PCP Uganda
    Pearson Management Services Limited
    The Irving Penn Foundation
    PepsiCo, Inc.
    Pfizer, Inc.
    Phandeeyar Foundation
    Pitkin County
    Plataforma de lnvestigacion
    Poarch Band of Creek Indians
    Hazen Polsky Foundation
    Pomona Impact
    Potencia Ventures
    Pro Mujer
    Promotora Social Mexico AC
    Prudential Foundation
    Public Welfare Foundation
    PWC Services Ltd
    Dorothea & Leo Rabkin Foundation
    The Raikes Foundation
    Reforestamos Mexico
    REI Foundation
    Renew LLC
    Responsibility Investment AG
    J. Christopher and Anne N. Reyes Foundation
    RFC Foundation
    Rianta Capital Zurich
    River Styx Foundation
    Riversands Incubation Hub
    Robert Bosch Stiftung
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    The Rock Foundation
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors
    Rodan Family Philanthropic Fund
    Root Capital, Inc.
    Ross Family Fund
    S&P Global
    S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
    SA SME Fund
    SAGE Publishing
    Saint Martin’s Ministries
    Samhita Social Ventures Pvt Ltd
    Santa Clara University
    The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    Schoenfeld Insurance Associates, Inc.
    Schultz Family Foundation
    Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
    The Seattle Foundation
    George and Helen Segal Foundation
    Self Help Africa
    Shared Interest, Inc.
    Shell Foundation
    Shook, Hardy and Bacon
    Shorebank International
    Shortlist Professionals, Inc.
    Siegel Family Endowment
    Siemens Foundation
    Sina pis
    Skoll Foundation
    Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    Small Enterprise Assistance Fund
    The Small Foundation
    Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.
    The Leon Polk Smith Foundation
    Social Innovation Lab
    Soros Economic Development Fund
    Spring Impact
    Spring Point Partner LLC
    Stage Six
    Stanford University
    The Stanton Foundation
    Stanton Fund
    Starbucks Coffee Company
    Steelcase Inc.
    Stichting Business in Development
    Stichting DOEN
    Stichting Enviu Nederland
    Stichting Hivos
    Stichting Spark
    Studio B Architects
    SunAower Foundation
    Surdna Foundation
    SVX Mexico
    Synergy Social Ventures
    Syngenta Crop Protection LLC
    T.L.L. Temple Foundation
    Tamkeen Abu Dhabi LLC
    Target Corporation
    TechnoServe, Inc.
    Tecovas Foundation
    Mark and Amy Tercek Foundation
    The Thrift Shop of Aspen
    Thunderbird School of Global Management
    Tides Foundation
    TMA NY Office
    Toilet Board Coalition
    Toyota Motor North America Inc.
    Transformational Business Network
    TriLinc Capital Management, LLC
    Trillium Asset Management, LLC
    U.S. Agency for International Development
    U.S. Department of State
    U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance
    UBS Optimus Foundation
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    United Way of SE Michigan
    United Way of South Eastern Michigan
    Universidad De Los Andes
    University of Michigan
    University of Oxford
    Upaya Social Ventures
    US Olympic Committee
    V and A Waterfront Holdings
    Valor Equity Partners
    Value for Women
    Verstanding Foundation
    Villgro Innovation Foundation
    The Vitol Foundation
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    Nancy and Charles Wall
    Family Foundation Fund
    The Wallace Foundation
    The Walmart Foundation
    Walton Family Foundation
    Wangara Capital Partners Limited
    Water For People
    Water Foundation
    Water Sanitation for the Urban Poor
    WD Technology
    Harry and Jeanette/Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
    Weingart Foundation
    Wells Fargo Clearing Service, LLC
    Wildlife Conservation Society
    The William Davidson Institute
    Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation
    Winrock International
    The Wonderful Company
    World Business Chicago
    World Resources Institute
    World Vision Australia
    World Wildlife Fund
    Wright Capital Gestao
    Wyeth Foundation For American Art
    Youth For Technology Foundation
    Yunus Social Business Fund


    Heritage Society

    Berl Bernhard
    Rebecca Donelson and Robert C. Blattberg
    Connie L. and James t C. Calaway
    Dale Coudert
    Renee and Lester Crown
    Esther B. and James L. Ferguson
    Henrietta H. Fore
    Alma and Joseph B. Gildenhorn
    Glenda and Gerald Greenwald
    Casady Meredith Henry
    Juliane Marion Heyman
    Soledad and Robert J. Hurst
    Jane Jenkins
    Jan Jennings and Michael Mount
    Ann M. and Tom C. Korologos
    Joan Lebach
    Frederic V. Malek
    William E. Mayer
    Elaine and James Mc Dade
    Julienne M. Michelt
    Elinor and George B. Munroe
    Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
    David L. Nevins
    William A. Nitze
    Patricia M. Patterson
    Carla and Charles Powell
    Kathleen D. Smith
    Linda and Dennis H. Vaughn


    Gifts in Kind

    Berggruen Gallery
    Leslie Berriman and Nion McEvoy
    Bethel Party Rentals
    Glenn Martin Bucksbaum
    Suzanne and Robert Cochran
    Colorado Audio Visual
    Kim and Rob Coretz
    Alena Esina and Martin Davis
    Gloria S. Dittus
    EI-Hibri Foundation
    Shelby and Frederick Gans
    Michael B. Greenwald
    Kristen Grimm
    Sharon and Lawrence D. Hite
    Judith Z. Steinberg and Paul J. Hoenmans
    Irja Brant and Alireza lttihadieh
    Jay’s Valet Parking and Luxury Shuttle Service
    Hyunja and Jeff L. Kenner
    Joan I. Fabry and Michael R. Klein
    Amy Langer
    Lugano Diamonds
    Travis Mason
    William E. Mayer
    The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation
    Martha and Adam Metz
    Diane L. Morris
    Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson
    Josiane Collazo-Psaki and James Psaki
    Joanna Rees and John Hamm
    Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
    Pascaline Servan-Schreiber and Kevin Ryan
    Lynn and John Savarese
    Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw
    Rachel and Anthony J. Sherman
    Patsy and John H. Shields
    Wendy and Michael Sidley
    Dan F. Smith
    Gillian and Robert K. Steel
    Christie and Jeffrey P. Weiss
    Alexa and Blaine Wesner
    Alison and Boniface Zaino
    Mary and Harold Zlot