Aspen Kyiv Crisis Fund
  • Aspen Kyiv Crisis Fund

    In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Aspen Institute created a tax-deductible Aspen Kyiv Crisis Fund where staff, trustees, international partners, and others can donate to support Aspen Kyiv. The Fund serves as a strictly voluntary vehicle for those who wish to support Aspen Kyiv’s staff and operations during this extraordinary time.

    The Fund is designed to be flexible and will support Aspen Kyiv in remaining a viable entity through continuing its operations from a decentralized point, with staff working from positions of safety both in Ukraine and outside. The Fund will also provide financial support to Aspen Kyiv staff, aid innovative programming related to the ongoing crisis, and be made available for any humanitarian needs of the Aspen Kyiv staff as they arise.

    To keep up to date on Aspen Kyiv’s latest activities, please visit the link.

    Donate to Aspen Kyiv

    If you would like to donate via wire transfer, please contact Jonathon Price: for details.