Cross-Network Collaboration
  • The Aspen International Partners build a network of thinkers and problem solvers, addressing challenges on a global scale.

    Cross-network projects unite the International Partners in a shared effort.  Partner organizations also work with US programs to co-develop and co-host projects and events, like the Ananta Aspen Centre and Aspen Strategy Group’s U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, now in its twenty-fourth year. Aspen Digital’s collaborations with International Partners to combat mis- and disinformation internationally and to promote a free, democratic press have resulted in impactful events like The Future of a Free Press in Central and Eastern Europe, hosted by the Aspen Institute Central Europe, and Journalism = Democracy, hosted by the Aspen Institute España. In 2022, each International Partner and International Initiative contributed to the Aspen Science & Society Program’s report, In Favor of Pure Science, assessing the current state of basic science around the world, creating a forum for discussion among scientific leaders, and providing guidance on how science can be supported and advanced internationally.

    In our increasingly interconnected world, collaborations between the International Partners offer an opportunity to engage across borders, building understanding across diverse communities.