Ukraine’s Accession to the EU Series
  • Ukraine’s Accession to the EU Series

    Following the conclusion of the #UkrainianDialogue Series, Aspen Kyiv shifted focus and launched Ukraine’s Accession to the EU Series which features discussions between Ukrainian and European leaders to discuss what Ukraine brings to the table.

    Key European leaders, Aspen Kyiv and partner representatives discuss how integrating Ukraine into the European Union will make Europe more stable, modernized, and secure through the following ways:

    • Physical security. The Ukrainian army is strong and has demonstrated its commitment to defending European values against the Russian army.
    • Food security. Ukraine is a strategic player in the food market. Today, countries in Africa and the Middle East depend on Ukrainian products.
    • Ukraine is a champion of digitalization in Europe. Ukraine has created a lot of services and facilities that could support the further development of the whole of Europe and the European economy.
    • Ukraine could be a reliable partner for energy security. Ukraine’s producers could help compensate for the loss of Russian energy resources, including gas, by 30%. EU candidacy for Ukraine will also be a sign to invest more in green energy and clean types of energy, shifting European dependence from Russia’s resources.
    • Ukrainian EU integration is a win-win for Ukrainian businesses and the EU economy. If Ukraine is integrated into the EU, it will be forced to compete with European businesses. Ukraine feels prepared for this competition due to its strength in market competition and seeing as some of Ukrainian human capital is already partially integrated in the European economy.

    To watch or read about the series, please click the links below.