Autonomy in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

December 1, 2017  • Communications and Society Program

2017 Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence participants

Artificial intelligence poses both opportunities and challenges to society: what are America’s first principles about AI, and when might restrictions on liberty be warranted? For the second year, the Institute’s Communications and Society Program convened leaders from across disciplines and ideologies to explore pressing concerns around the rise of AI technologies. This year, the Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence, sponsored by the Ferro Institute, focused on how AI will enhance or restrict human interest in personal autonomy. Participants engaged in a vigorous debate on the meaning of autonomy and to what extent AI technologies reflect or exacerbate social inequalities. Most notable was the discussion surrounding issues in the use of AI technologies in the criminal-justice system. Participants also explored a future in which AI systems and humans coevolve. The report on the 2017 roundtable will be available in early 2018 at