Around the Institute

A “Legacy of Growth and Dynamism”

December 1, 2017  • Society of Fellows

The Institute is a touchstone for people around the world. So it is no surprise that many have spent decades contributing their voices to the Institute’s Society of Fellows and Heritage Society. In fact, some members of the Institute community have been attending events and engaging in weighty debates since the 1960s. “The Aspen Institute has been a springboard for impact,” Juliane Heyman, the first female Peace Corps training officer, says. “It has been a platform for people who go on to do great things—and even greater things after their experience at the Institute.” Curt Strand agrees. The former CEO of Hilton International (now Hilton Worldwide) has watched the Institute evolve over the years. Strand remembers Executive Seminar participants celebrating at the summit of Ajax Mountain when they got word of President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974. He also remembers getting a call 14 years ago from one Walter Isaacson. “I was one of the people Walter called for input on whether or not he should take the job as CEO and president of the Institute,” Strand says. “Walter has since become one of my heroes. He leaves an incredible legacy of growth and dynamism for the Institute.” So do all of our friends at the Society of Fellows and Heritage Society.