How to Lead the Smart Machine

October 1, 2019  • Institute Staff

Machine-learning and quantum-computing technologies present enormous opportunities, and definite challenges, to countries around the world. Leaders must think critically about the questions these new technologies raise: how can society ensure that artificial intelligence is ethical, and how can society leverage AI to solve problems? To address these questions, the Institute’s international partners, supported by Microsoft, launched the NextGen Network, bringing together more than 90 international emerging leaders in technology, business, policy, and journalism. To date, NextGen has held workshops in Mexico, Germany, the Czech Republic, India, and France. The network asks young leaders to explore how societies should respond to new technology and to examine local and international policy solutions. In Mexico, the group focused on using AI for public health and to fight corruption; in Europe, discussions centered on AI regulations in the European Union; and in India, participants emphasized leveraging AI for education and climate action. The next workshop will be held in September in London.