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Meet the 2018 New Voices Fellows

June 13, 2018  • Institute Staff

The New Voices Fellowship, a program of the Aspen Global Innovators Group, was established in 2013 to bring the perspectives of experts from Africa and other parts of the developing world into a global conversation. Fellows undergo an intensive year of training in storytelling, coalition-building, and leadership. The 2018 New Voices fellows come from 12 countries across Africa, Latin America, and Asia, and they are charting the way forward on issues like food security, climate change, global health, and good governance. The 20 new fellows are public-health specialists, scientists, activists, social entrepreneurs, and economists. They include a Nepalese microbiologist who works on antimicrobial resistance, a Mexican physician committed to serving marginalized populations, a Nigerian social entrepreneur who founded a foodprocessing company and consulting firm dedicated to improving nutrition in West Africa, and a Ugandan LGBT activist who fought the country’s 2009 anti-homosexuality bill.

During the program’s first five years, New Voices fellows were featured over 2,500 times in the media, and many of them have delivered TED talks. Plus, thanks to a partnership with The Moth, a nonprofit show dedicated to the craft of storytelling, fellows have told their stories to live American audiences as well as to radio and podcast audiences around the world. You can meet them this summer in Aspen at Spotlight Health.