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Kiwis in the Lead

June 1, 2020  • Institute Staff

Mirroring the Institute’s Colorado setting—mountain views, outdoor recreation, and mining-town roots—Queenstown, New Zealand, provided the backdrop for the inaugural Aspen Institute New Zealand seminar. In February, business leaders, nonprofit heads, academics, legislators, and Aspen Zealand board members met in Queenstown for “Leadership, Sustainability, and the Good Society,” a textbased exploration led by the Institute’s Todd Breyfogle. With readings ranging from Plato to Janet Frame, the gathering also featured New Zealander and Māori authors and artists. “The seminar taught me that leadership is about staying true to a core set of values,” participant Archie Ritchie said. Aspen Zealand CEO Christine Maiden Sharp said the engagement from top leaders, including Institute Executive Vice President Elliot Gerson and Institute trustee Clare Muñana, was extraordinary. Sharp also noted the seminar’s timeliness: “Its focus on values, reasoned thinking, and leading in difficult times prepared leaders to confront challenges from Covid-19.”