What to Read this Winter

December 5, 2019  • Institute Staff

At the 23rd annual Winter Words series, Aspen Words will welcome authors who have reached the top of the best-seller list, been celebrated with the highest literary accolades, and had books adapted into Hollywood hits. Here are the latest titles to add to your reading list.

THREE WOMEN, Lisa Taddeo
Moving between the stories of three women, the book explores the ways that power, heartbreak, and infatuation inform erotic longing.
RUNNING WITH SHERMAN, Christopher McDougall
A community comes together to heal an unlikely hero, Sherman the donkey. In the process, all involved go from a life of neglect to one of purpose and joy.
THE TRADITION, Jericho Brown
Shortlisted for the National Book Award, this poetry collection interrogates a culture that has normalized violence.
Winner of the National Book Critic’s Circle Award, this collection of poems grapples with life and death, birth and decay, and how to live fully in a difficult world.
SINCE WE FELL, Dennis Lehane
Lehane’s psychological thriller is about a journalist who suffers an on-air mental breakdown and becomes involved with a man who isn’t what he seems.
Macy juxtaposes an investigation of the endemic issues in the US health care and pharmaceutical industries with real stories of people affected by the opioid epidemic.