The Aspen Ministers Forum Convenes in Copenhagen to Address Critical Global Challenges

October 12, 2023

Prominent former foreign ministers and experts to share insights on emerging technologies, global power shifts, and transnational challenges

Contact: Ben Berliner

Copenhagen, October 11, 2023 – The Aspen Ministers Forum’s latest gathering, which just concluded in Copenhagen, convened a distinguished group of international leaders, experts, and policymakers to deliberate and provide key recommendations to policymakers on pressing global issues. This meeting focused on the theme of “The Reconciliation: Leveraging New Tools to Protect Democracy and Global Cooperation.”

Secretary Clinton said of the AMF: “It was a pleasure to join the Aspen Ministers Forum. This unique group brings together former foreign ministers from around the world who are committed to action on our most pressing global issues. The challenges facing us are great – from the ethical and human rights considerations of AI to the changing geopolitical landscape and the human security issues related to mass displacement, economic inequality and climate change. But I leave Copenhagen encouraged that this group, working with many others, is committed to finding sustainable solutions that can help us build a better world together.”

The Aspen Ministers Forum, an organization of former foreign ministers from around the world, founded under the leadership of the late Madeleine Albright, champions democratic principles and values. Now in its 20th year, the Forum recognizes the profound challenges facing the world today, including the end of the post-Cold War order, heightened tensions, challenges from revisionist powers, and rising autocracy globally. Additionally, destabilizing technological advances, worsening climate change, and increased migration flows are causing massive global disruptions.

To address these challenges, the AMF explored three interlinked factors contributing to the headwinds facing the international system: emerging technologies, global power shifts, and transnational challenges. These trends underscore the necessity of a coordinated international response to protect the stability of the global order.

Key sessions and experts addressed issues such as: the weaponization of AI: Can there be global norms and standards; the impact of emerging technologies on global cooperation; the changing dynamics of global alliances; the need to restore trust in democratic institutions and governments; strategies for rebuilding post-conflict societies; and the multiple security challenges posed by the climate crisis.

The AMF meeting concluded with a public event held in partnership with the Danish Foreign Policy Society on Monday, October 9th, featuring Ministers Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Margot Wallström, and Kyung-wha Kang.

The meeting resulted in ideas that will be shared in forthcoming pieces in major media outlets around the world.

For media inquiries and interviews with participating ministers or experts, please contact:
Ben Berliner


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