Aspen Institute’s US and Global Cybersecurity Groups Announce New Members

August 29, 2023

Top leaders Yasmin Green, Gary Steele, Chris Inglis, and Alberto Yépez to provide new perspectives on today’s key cyber issues.

Contact: Victoria Comella
High10 Media

Washington, D.C., August 29, 2023 — The Aspen Institute is adding new perspectives to both its US Cybersecurity and Global Cybersecurity Groups. The Institute’s cyber initiative continues to source new talent and perspectives, building on a rich history of connecting, growing, and challenging changemakers from industry, government, and civil society to generate solutions to the critical security challenges of the digital age. The cybersecurity effort is part of the Aspen Digital program, which works at the intersection of technology, information, security, and the public good.

Joining the US Group are two new co-chairs: Yasmin Green, CEO of Jigsaw, a unit within Google, and Gary Steele, CEO of Splunk. Comprised of former government officials, industry executives, security practitioners, and respected voices from civil society, the US Group is the nation’s leading cross-sector, public-private forum for translating pressing cybersecurity conversations into action. Green and Steele join Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and CISA Founding Director Chris Krebs, along with more than 40 members, each a leader in the field.

Joining the Global Group are two new members: Chris Inglis, Visiting Professor at both the U.S. Air Force and Naval Academies and Strategic Advisor of Paladin Capital, and Alberto Yépez, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Forgepoint Capital. The Global Group brings together cybersecurity experts from across sectors who share a commitment to democracy and freedom online as well as the tradition of open innovation that is critical to the growth of the digital economy. 

“We’re excited to carry forward last year’s momentum with these new members of our groups,” said Jeff Greene, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Programs, Aspen Digital. “Yasmin, Gary, Chris, and Alberto each bring valuable perspectives and expertise to the Aspen Institute’s cybersecurity initiative.”

In addition to adding Green and Steele, the US Group recently published The Cyber Defense Assistance Imperative, a paper informed by the ongoing work of various organizations providing operational support to Ukrainian institutions to better define and leverage cyber assistance. The Group has several publications forthcoming, covering topics that range from generative artificial intelligence guidelines for companies to the evolving role of the Chief Information Security Officer.

The Global Group will soon be producing papers on regulatory harmonization, operationalization of cyber norms, and more. 

“Since the Aspen Global Cybersecurity Group’s launch last year, events around the world have demonstrated the need for this type of cross-sector forum,” said Katie Brooks, Director, Cyber Partnerships, Aspen Digital. “We are harnessing this group’s collective expertise and wide-ranging perspectives to inform how industry, governments, and civil society can preserve democratic ideals in cyberspace.”


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