DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area High School Students to Get One Day University Experience at Nationals Park

May 1, 2017

Event will host several hundred high school students to experience a college classroom and connect with resources.

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The Aspen Institute
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Steven Schragis
One Day University
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WASHINGTON, D.C., MAY 1, 2017 – The Aspen Institute’s Youth & Engagement Programs is partnering with One Day University (ODU) and College Summit to bring One Day University for High School Students to Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. on Monday, May 8. Several hundred Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area (DMV) high school students will EXPERIENCE a college classroom, EXPLORE aspects of campus life, and CONNECT with local resources to help get them to and through college. The event will feature lectures from Georgetown University’s Thomas E. Caestecker Professor of Music, Anna Celenza; The University of Texas at Austin’s Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs, Jeremi Suri; and Rutgers University’s Distinguished Professor, American Studies and History, Louis Masur.

“For 10 years we’ve brought remarkable lectures by the nation’s top college professors to adult audiences across the United States,” said One Day University Founder and Director Steven Schragis. “We’ve always wanted to find a way for younger audiences to watch and enjoy them as well, and hopefully be inspired to attend and excel in college. With One Day University for High School Students, the Aspen Institute’s Youth & Engagement Programs is making that possible!”

In addition to experiencing a college classroom through lectures, participants will receive small-group mentoring from current D.C. area college students and take part in a workshop on college readiness led by College Summit. One Day University for High School Students will both immerse participants in various aspects of college life and give them tangible action items to continue down the path to and through college in their schools and communities.

“We know the lectures will excite students by introducing them to the kind of teaching and learning they’ll experience in college,” said College Summit CEO Keith Frome. “College Summit coaches will provide them with practical next steps to insure they make it to the college that is right for them and their families.”

The workshop led by College Summit will center around a team activity where groups of students will build their own universities. This activity will be supplemented by a set of take-home checklists for students to use as a guide for navigating the path to college.

One Day University for High School Students Senior Program Associate Rachel Sverdlove said of the event, “It’s critical to set college-bound high school students up for success by helping them get a complete picture of campus life.” She continued, “Many college programs focus solely on academic readiness. Through partnerships with One Day University and College Summit, One Day University for High School Students is intended to help give students a holistic view of the college experience, and then help them decide their own next steps forward on their journey. Youth & Engagement Programs could not be more proud to bring together resources from these two organizations to bring DMV high school students this unique experience.”

More about Celenza, Suri, and Masur:

Anna Celenza teaches courses in music history and radio journalism in Georgetown University’s Department of Performing Arts. She has authored several scholarly books, articles on composers including Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra, and a series of award-winning children’s books. At One Day University for High School Students, Celenza will deliver a lecture on how music permeates our lives titled Four Musical Masterpieces That Changed America. More information on Georgetown University’s Thomas E. Caestecker Professor of Music Anna Celenza can be found here.

Jeremi Suri teaches courses on International History since 1898, The Past and Future of Global Strategy, and American Foreign Relations in The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of History. He has been recognized as one of “Americas Top Young Innovators” by Smithsonian Magazine, and will deliver a lecture titled Five Turning Points That Changed American History at One Day University for High School Students. More information on The University of Texas at Austin’s Mack Brown Distinguished Char for Leadership in Global Affairs can be found here.

Louis Masur is an American cultural historian in Rutgers University’s Department of American Studies. He has been awarded Harvard University’s John Clive Prize for Excellence in Teaching and appointed to Historians’ Council of Gettysburg Trust. Masur’s lecture to be delivered at One Day University for High School Students is titled Hamilton vs. Jefferson: The Rivalry that Shaped America. More information on Rutgers University’s Distinguished Professor, American Studies and History Louis Masur can be found here.

Youth & Engagement Programs is a new strategic focus area for The Aspen Institute to incubate and grow programs that work directly with young people ages 14 to 24. Youth & Engagement Programs’ mission is to empower generations of thoughtful, socially-conscious, and diverse young people engaged in solving the critical issues of the day through programming that is effective, scalable, and capable of broadening the reach of The Institute beyond the constituencies it currently serves. Youth & Engagement Programs’ team values are: We argue joyfully. We are equals. We boldly seek excellence to transform society. We act with graciousness and gratitude in all we do. 

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Founded in 2006, One Day University bring together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their very best lectures – LIVE. One Day U works closely with professors to develop engaging talks designed to inform and inspire. Professors travel across the country with One Day University to educate and entertain students of all ages. Hosting between 150 and 200 live events in over 50 markets across the country, One Day U participants experience the pure joy of learning free of grades, tests, or homework. 

For two decades, College Summit has placed more than 250,000 students from 500 high schools nationwide on the path to college and career success. From its beginning as a single workshop in the basement of a teen center in Washington, D.C. to PeerForward, the next-gen program in high schools from coast-to-coast today, College Summit has succeeded by relying on one key thing: the power of positive peer influence.

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