Daily Dispatch from the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival Thursday, June 30

June 30, 2011

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Quotes from the Festival: 

“You can imagine a China in which there is a lot more individual liberty and still functioning…you can imagine it going that way.”– James Fallows, National Correspondent, The Atlantic 

“Your first two years on the Court you make footprints, and it’s very hard to escape those footprints you’ve made.” — Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court 

“Fear isn’t sustainable.  It’s hard to sustain fear-based interventions. It’s the same in medicine as in politics.” — Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute 

“When something is really important, like choosing a mate, use your intuitive mind.  Don’t make a list.” — David Kelley, Founder and Chairman, IDEO 

“Have the Chinese, in a certain sense, created a new model, or a new direction for history?” — Orville Schell, Arthur Ross Director, Center on US-China relations; Asia Society 

“Prejudice is the opposite of creativity.” —Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Museum of Modern Art, New York 

“The single biggest problem in education in this country is that 50% of the people who start out teaching leave in five years.”— Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education, New York University 

“The space available in Pakistan for liberal opinion, for those who are not fundamental Islamist believers, that space is shrinking by the day.” — Shashi Tharoor, Member, Indian Parliament 

The Ideas Report on TheAtlantic.com

More Festival coverage is also available from The Atlantic, which produces the Aspen Ideas Festival in partnership with the Aspen Institute. The Atlantic’s “Ideas Special Report” includes:

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  • A “Today at Aspen” photo gallery
  • An #AspenIdeas Twitter feed
  • Blog posts highlighting ideas from all sections of TheAtlantic.com, and responses to a new question they put to their readers each day. 

Today’s Select Highlights:
*all times are MDT 

  • 7:45 am – Children in America: How Will They Win the Future?
    Daniel Lurie, Anne Mosle, Stephen Patrick, Alex Kotlowitz (moderator) 
  • 8:00 am – The Race to the Top Revolution: How It Happened, Why It Matters
    Steven Brill, Arne Duncan 
  • 8:00 am – President’s Breakfast: Natural Gas and Our Energy Future-Getting it Right Together
    Marvin Odum, Joe Nocera (moderator) 
  • 9:00 am – That Used to Be Us: How America Lost Its Way in the World It Invented and How We Come Back
    Thomas Friedman, Walter Isaacson (moderator) 
  • 9:00 am – The Post-Bin Laden World
    John Negroponte, Thom Shanker, ShashiTharoor, Robin Wright, Jeffrey Goldberg (moderator) 
  • 10:30 am – Food Labels: Fact or Fiction?
    Ezekiel Emanuel, Lynda Resnick, Corby Kummer (moderator) 
  • 12:00 pm –Ten Years After: A TIME/Aspen Ideas Festival National Survey on How America Has Changed Since 9/11
    Donald Baer, Mark Penn, Richard Stengel, Elliot Gerson (moderator) 
  • 12:00 pm – The Arts and Our Kids
    Aaron Dworkin, David Finckel, Wu Han, Damien Woetzel (moderator) 
  • 2:00-6:00 pm – An Afternoon of Conversation
    Featuring conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer, Austan Goolsbee, David Bradley, Tzipi Livni, Wes Moore, Frank Gehry, Secretary Arne Duncan, and others, moderated by Maria Bartiromo and Andrea Mitchell. 
  • 7:30 pm – Media Roundtable: The Journalists Take on the Economy
    Chrystia Freeland, Joe Nocera, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Kai Ryssdal (moderator) 

Full schedule available at http://www.aifestival.org/festival/schedule. Select sessions will be livestreamed; more information available at http://www.aifestival.org/content/watch-live.

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