Global Summit Celebrates Digital Inclusion on October 17-19, 2023 with Dignity for Children Foundation, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, and SOLS Foundation 

October 10, 2023

2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit Hosted by HP Inc. and the Aspen Institute Includes Pitch Fest and Asia Regional Summit Showcasing Tech Organizations from Malaysia

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Washington, DC, October 10, 2023 –  In an era where digital connectivity plays an increasingly pivotal role in the lives of Malaysians, millions still lack access to the digital resources essential for education, healthcare, employment, and social inclusion. To address this pressing issue and accelerate global progress toward digital equity, HP Inc. and the Aspen Institute will host the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit, a virtual event on October 17-19, October 2023.

Leaders from Malaysian non-profit organizations will represent Dignity for Children Foundation; National Cancer Society of Malaysia; and SOLS Foundation. Their participation was announced on March 30, chosen from over 120 applicants and received HP technology solutions tailored to their needs; around $100,000 USD in capacity-building grants; and access to a robust network of international leaders, mentors, and coaches.

This landmark event, organized by the Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between HP and the Aspen Institute, will bring together leaders from philanthropy, technology, government, international development, and social impact to collaborate on strategies to bridge the digital divide and promote social and economic justice worldwide.

Key Highlights of the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit:

Global Summit: The 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit will host engaging discussions aimed at advancing global thought leadership in digital equity, with a specific focus on healthcare, employment, and education. All Summit activities will be conducted on a fully interactive virtual platform, enabling networking and substantive engagement among attendees. Register for the Summit here.

Speakers Include:

  • Hazami Barmada, Director/ Lead of the Digital Equity Accelerator
  • Renee Koo, Head of Marketing & Communications, Dignity for Children Foundation
  • Michele Malejki, HP Global Head of Social Impact and Director of the HP Foundation
  • Dr. Murallitharan Munisamy, Managing Director, National Cancer Society of Malaysia
  • Danutcha Catriona Singh, Managing Director, SOLS Foundation

Asia Regional Summit, held on October 19, 2023, and will feature regional leaders and perspectives on digital equity. Each Regional Summit will feature local leaders deeply engaged in social innovation, digital inclusion, and social impact within their respective regions. Advanced registration is required to participate in these enlightening conversations. Register for the Regional Summits here.

    “We cannot achieve global development objectives without addressing the digital divide. Digital equity is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world – and when we invest in closing digital gaps, we can make progress against global goals further, faster, ” said Hazami Barmada, Director/Lead of the Digital Equity Accelerator, Aspen Institute. “At the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit we are bringing  together leading thinkers and doers who are actively building technology solutions, inspiring social innovation, and creating the knowledge needed to tangibly improve the social and economic outcomes for millions of people worldwide.”

    “No entity alone can close the digital divide. Partnering with local experts and innovators is vital to support communities’ access to economic opportunities, education, and healthcare,” said Michele Malejki, HP Global Head of Social Impact and Director of the HP Foundation. “We are eager to showcase and celebrate the solutions pioneered by this year’s Digital Equity Accelerator cohort. The Summit is a fantastic opportunity for all to learn from the Accelerator participants working to narrow the digital divide.”

    “In Dignity, we believe that digital skills are crucial for empowering marginalized children to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to the Digital Equity Accelerator, we’ve established a computer lab and rolled out educational software to enhance students’ digital learning experience,” said Renee Koo, Head of Marketing and Communications, Dignity for Children Foundation.

    “Ensuring digital equity in Malaysia is not just a mission; it’s our collective responsibility. Digital equity helps to unlock education opportunities and moves people out of poverty into stable middle-class outcomes. This transformation isn’t just momentary; and we are working towards our goal of long-term transformation for families and communities throughout the country,” said Danutcha Catriona Singh, Managing Director, SOLS Foundation. “For that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Aspen Digital and HP 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator, it has been a remarkable journey of learning and growth for the organization as a whole. We are looking forward to working with partners like Aspen and HP who are committed to education impact programmes for those in need.”

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    About the Digital Equity Accelerator 

    The Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between HP Inc. and the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Digital, works to advance social and economic equality by investing in not-for-profit organizations and NGOs that are accelerating digital inclusion. Founded in 2022, the Accelerator has helped seven organizations from India, Morocco, and the United States scale their efforts, boosting their cumulative reach by 1.7 million people and counting. In 2023, the Accelerator expanded programming to ten organizations from Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa. Visit or join the mailing list to learn more.

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